Behind Mansion Walls

Monday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Jun 06, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 3
    • Blood Money
      Episode 13
      Part of the attraction of being wealthy is you never have to get your hands dirty doing the menial tasks. You pay a gardener to tend your estate, you pay a maid to clean your mansion. And when you want to commit murder, you pay BLOOD MONEY for someone els
    • Covet and Kill
      Episode 12
      We all envy the lifestyle of the rich. But for some, jealousy can turn into pure obsession. Instead of counting their own blessings, these people crave someone else's life. BEHIND MANSION WALLS, these green-eyed monsters COVET AND KILL.
    • Spoiled Rotten
      Episode 11
      Being born into a wealthy family means you expect nothing but the best. These coddled kids always get their way. For some, it's an easy transformation from pampered preppy to merciless killer. Beware the rich kids who've been SPOILED ROTTEN.
    • Rough Diamonds
      Episode 10
      Many a millionaire has fallen for the maid or the pool guy. They're a few rungs down the social ladder, but they're much sexier than upper class bores. These ROUGH DIAMONDS have been stripped of their shine to reveal killers driven only by greed.
    • Lord & Master
      Episode 9
      Most modern-day brides ditch the oath to ?obey? their husband in their wedding vows. But BEHIND MANSION WALLS, there are rich, powerful men who still expect to be Lord of their Manor. And refusing to obey the LORD & MASTER can have lethal results.
    • A Bankrupt Heart
      Episode 8
      Falling out of love sparks a heart-wrenching process of splitting assets. And when those assets add up to millions, the break-up is doubly bitter. These spouses are suffering a BANKRUPT HEART. And the only way to cut their losses is to kill.
    • Kill for Cash
      Episode 7
      There aren't many downsides to being a millionaire. But one crime is inflicted exclusively on the rich ? extortion. The extortionist is often someone from the victim's own inner circle. A friend or relative more than willing to KILL FOR CASH.
    • Never Enough
      Episode 6
      Most of us can only sit back and admire the lavish life of the extremely wealthy. But some rich people are addicted to affluence. They will kill just to boost their already bulging coffers. These high flyers have it all, but it's NEVER ENOUGH.
    • 6/20/13
      Growing up as part of a rich dynasty is a gilded existence. You live in a cloistered world, far removed from normal life. These hapless heirs devour the excesses of wealth and destroy human lives along the way. They are the HEIR TO MISFORTUNE.
    • Flesh & Blood
      Episode 4
      They say blood is thicker than water, but some family members pay scant regard to the bonds of kinship. BEHIND MANSION WALLS, these big spenders love only money, and they're happy to dispose of their own FLESH AND BLOOD for cold, hard cash.
    • Mask of Lies
      Episode 3
      We all secretly wish to be wealthy. But some people crave the glamour of wealth above all else ? and they're willing to kill for it. They look like they live Behind Mansion Walls, but in reality, they are impostors hiding behind a MASK OF LIES.
    • Dark Secrets
      Episode 2
      When rich people marry, their elaborate, fairytale weddings make a splash in the social pages. But Behind Mansion Walls, this match made in heaven is sometimes far from perfect. These spouses hold DARK SECRETS, which will betray those closest to them.
    • Above Suspicion
      Episode 1
      These well-bred hotshots don't play by the rules ? they make them. That means they can get away with murder. When the trail has gone cold, these killers believe they are ABOVE SUSPICION. But their evil deeds will eventually catch up with them.
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