Behind Mansion Walls

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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 6/6/11
      Palm Beach is Florida's classic playground of the rich. Exclusive country clubs, millionaire mansions, and a high society open only to the 'right' kind of people. But where the money flows, greed and envy, and even murder will follow close behind.
    • 6/13/11
      There's a sense of entitlement that can come with growing up in a wealthy family. The silver spoon to the rich child's mouth can also deliver a heaping dose of ego. But what happens when these products of privilege think they can outsmart the cops?
    • Fatal Dynasty
      Episode 3
      The Du Ponts are one of the great American dynasties, a family built on historic wealth and reputation. But the family name would be tarnished after it was connected to two shocking murders with extraordinary stories behind them.
    • Rich Kids
      Episode 4
      With children, what's the worst an average parent can expect? A temper tantrum? Rich kids can take brat behavior to a deadly level. All their lives, these children were given everything they wanted. When they heard the word 'no', they reached for guns.
    • Above the Law
      Episode 5
      When people acquire a fortune, an arrogant attitude can come with it. These individuals can sometimes turn into criminals for the sake of money. The murderers in this episode are all united by one desire - to keep their lifestyle at any cost.
    • The Wayward Son
      Episode 6
      There is an old saying that is whispered in the exclusive parties where the wealthy socialize. The grandfather will make a fortune, the father will build on it, and the son will squander it. These sons did more than lose money, they also took lives.
    • Fatal Greed
      Episode 7
      When you're already wealthy beyond most people's wildest dreams, why would you need more? And why would you risk everything by killing to get it? Greed drove these people to the brink, and they committed horrifying acts in order to fulfill their desire.
    • A Family Feud
      Episode 8
      All families have their moments of madness around the dinner table. When the family fortune runs into the millions, a passing rivalry can flare up into a lethal conflict. Nothing tears at the gilded fabric of a wealthy life like a bitter family feud.
    • Husbands & Wives
      Episode 9
      When these couples said "I Do", it was more than a union of love, it was a union of wealth and dreams. But money did not buy happiness, it bought death and despair. These husbands and wives had dream marriages that ended in murder, prison and disgrace.
    • Secret Lives
      Episode 10
      Some people love to flaunt their wealth. They're the ones dripping in diamonds and showing off their mansions. But what happens when these socialites commit crimes? Their wealth is suddenly in jeopardy and in order to protect it they go into hiding.
    • Beverly Hills Kids
      Episode 11
      For a rich kids growing up in Beverly Hills, life is one giant temptation, complete with an unlimited supply of wealth. When the money runs out, these kids didn't just ask for daddy to sign another check, they made sure they'd never have to ask again.
    • The Hired Help
      Episode 12
      From cooking and cleaning to mowing the lawn, if a service provides it the wealthy will buy it. Turns out that when it comes to murder, they also like to bring in the hired help.
    • 8/29/11
      A murder can be harder to solve when the power of big money starts to cloud the truth. These cases could have been open and shut, if the accused weren't so rich. But there are two sides to every story. Can the prestige of wealth help or harm a case?
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
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