Behind Mansion Walls - Season 2

Monday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Jun 06, 2011 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Family Ties
    Episode 13
    "Blood is thicker than water. But with millions of dollars at stake, these families were prepared to fight each other to the death. Driven by passion and money, the bonds that were to hold them together only served to tear them further apart.
  • The Price of Love
    Episode 12
    "These women thought they had found their modern day fairytale - the man, the house and the millions. But as the pages turned, their fairytale soon became a nightmare ending in murder.
  • Money Mysteries
    Episode 11
    These shocking crimes rocked the world over thirty years ago. Tales of greed, murder, royal connections and missing millions kept us intrigued for years. Decades would pass, countless conspiracy theories would abound, but what would emerge as the truth?
  • Devils in Disguise
    Episode 10
    One was the perfect family man, the other; a treasured member of the community. But beneath their perfect lives lay dark secrets no amount of money could hide. Secrets so devastating, they would take them to the grave.
  • Daddy Dearest
    Episode 9
    For these children, Daddy's millions bought them everything they could ever want. But behind their glamorous mansions, lay a desperate secret. The man that was meant to be their greatest protector was about to become their mortal enemy.
  • Born to Win
    Episode 8
    Robert and Andrew Kissel had it all. Born into the lap of luxury, they expanded a family empire across the globe. But their blessings soon became a curse when murder came to call - not once, but twice.
  • A Killer's Smile
    Episode 7
    They seduce us with their smiles, but behind their charm and wealth lies the heart of an ice cold killer. Desperate to hang on to their glamorous lifestyles, these men stop at nothing to keep their fantasy alive - including murder.
  • 7/12/12
    As their wedding bells faded into the distance, and ?I Do' quickly turned into ?I Don't', two wealthy couples found themselves faced with the dissemination of an empire. Greed and anger got the best of them, as their divorces soon turned deadly.
  • Hidden Desires
    Episode 5
    To their neighbors they were perfect family men. Rich, attractive, and powerful, they were the ones to keep up with. But following two grisly murders their perfect worlds came crumbling down, revealing a life of scandal, debauchery and deceit.
  • Kiss or Kill
    Episode 4
    From an oil baron to a celebrity dog trainer, these couples had it all ? passion, love and money. But when love fell apart, and secret pasts were revealed, these tragic affairs of the heart quickly went from marriage to murder.
  • Sex, Money, Death
    Episode 3
    Pride, passion, and power are important tools for success. For these men there was never enough to satisfy them. And when the cracks began to show they no longer wanted to play by the rules, leaving a path of death, destruction and despair in their wake.
  • The Killer Inside
    Episode 2
    With their charm and wealth they dazzled the social sets from New York to London. But behind their glistening displays lay a murderous truth, one that was sure catch them no matter how hard they tried to run.
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    For children of the wealthy, sometimes being born with a silver spoon can be a curse rather than a blessing. Behind their vast fortunes lay broken families torn apart by greed, jealousy and murder.