Behind The Music

Season 2 Episode 22

Iggy Pop

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 1999 on VH1

Episode Recap

Born James Osterberg in Ypsilanti, MI., Iggy dropped out of college to become a blues drummer in Chicago, then went on to form the punk/underground Stooges. His exploits while performing are all here, the self-mutilation, the vomiting, the gross behavior, the sexual escapades, etc. Iggy conceived a son backstage at a concert in 1968. Of course, Iggy is not a model parent, but he manages to bond with his son Eric, even intervening in 1994 to get him assistance for his own drug habit. Today, Eric is training to become Iggy's road manager. The Stooges were decimated by heroin abuse, though here they are reunited and look remarkably well preserved. They discuss the band's self-destruction, and the difficulties of working with Iggy, who takes some measure of pride in his misbehavings. He bottoms out and in 1975 was homeless in Los Angeles. After several attempts at solo comebacks, an aborted project with Ray Manzerak which started Doors reunion rumors, and a brief resurgance in his work thanks to David Bowie, who is interviewed, Iggy has managed to stay relatively drug-free, and put out some listenable, though uneven, music. His collaboration with Bowie on 'China Girl' brought him some big rewards, and Iggy has delivered the goods. The Stooges have worked with him on his latest efforts, and talk of a total renion tour is again surfacing. As Stooge guitarist Ron Asheton notes, "You gotta respect the man, he keeps on keeping on".