Behind The Music

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Aug 17, 1997 In Season





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  • There once was a time when VH1 was something more than a wasteland of mindless drek aimed at teens who have the attention span of a sound bite. Some say it is a legend. But I was there. I saw it all! This was it's finest hour.

    Once upon a time, there existed a superb cable channel called VH1. It was a breath of fresh air from MTV, which had left music behind in favor of Beavis and Butthead and teen gameshows. This station would truly explore the wonders of music history. It was intelligent. It had a slogan...Music First. It has been long gone for some time now, replaced by more intelligent fare like Richest celebreties, red carpets, hottest divorces, hairstyles, Flava Flav. Arrrrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!! And the ultimate joke that reflects just where our young society (the main moneymaking commodity in the world ) is today?...VH1 is prospering and thriving. Um...Can you say, like.... idiotic, mindless sheep? But it once WAS something worthwhile! I was there! I saw it! It did exist! This was it's finest hour. I have always been a major music fan. I've been collecting my music since I was five years old, no lie. I have thousands of records, (anybody remember those), which i refuse to get rid of..many long since put aside in favor of my CD's. For as long as i can remember, I've been obsessed, not only with listening to the music, but studying the artists and the history behind the music. Since 1955, the music called Rock and Roll has shaped , molded and warped every conceivable aspect of American culture and beyond. It influences and dictates what we do, how we love, how we think, dress, talk, drive...on an and on. Music, beyond televison, movies and books, is the most powerful medium in our society..and indeed, our history. By the same token, much of American and world history has influenced the growth and flux of the medium. The eddies and currents have been rippled by events in the personal lives of these performers, poets and troubedors . I've always been fascinated with the big bangs, short circuits, and such that have come to blend together over the years to form the history of Rock and Roll. This exceptional program focused on the incredible legends. people who were once normal.. like you and I, who created incredible music. What were these people like? Where did they come from. What brought them to a place where they were affecting peoples lives with their notes and words? Was there a plan? Or did things just happen? What are the stories behind the triumphs and tragedies. Behind the Music provided these answers in a deep, compelling, and often riveting way. From self-abusive metal gods, to forgotten teen Idols, In band fights, careers that were tragicly cut short, to focusing on certain years and events in the Rock and roll timeline..Vh1 spared no questions and little expense to make sure every person and event was covered thoroughly, and edited and paced in such a way that the viewer would easily and willingly wait through the commercial break to see the next act. As stated in the summery above, VH1 joined forces with the record corporations, effectively abandoning established music legends, and the wealth of performers and stories still available and not yet covered...and opted instead to go with with younger, fresher artists, to cover the younger demographic..and faster cash flow. The results, not suprisingly to anyone with half a brain, were dismal. These artists had virtually no history, and nowhere near the substance to create the kind of quality episodes that had gone before. Behind the Music had become now for VH1, the lowest priority on their list...and with a new company running the show, came a total revamping of format, and quality. VH1 has virtually nothing to do with music anymore, yet still, amazingly still maintains the "Music First" slogan. It truly baffles the mind that the tried and true creedo of.. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" was just ignored as it was. Behind the Music was an emmy-winning, critically aclaimed show several times over. And given the deep dank levels the show (When it's produced..there have been no new episodes since 2006) has the network has sunk to.. it is unlikely, if the show ever does return, that it will ever see the kind of quality that it had in it's glory days. I don't think it's audience could handle it, having been exposed to such mind-numbing trash for so long. And i see no signs of any DVD sets coming out in the near future. It's a shame really. talks...and we all know what walks. Shame on you , Vh1.