Being Bobby Brown

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Being Bobby Brown

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Former R&B star Bobby Brown invites the cameras into his home for a behind the scenes look at the life he shares with troubled pop-diva wife Whitney Houston, and daughter Bobbi Kristina. The new documentary-style show allows the viewers to catch a glimpse of the highs and lows of Being Bobby Brown.
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  • R.i.p whitney!

    Rest in Peace Whitney Houston greatest singer of all time.. May god bless you and your family i will keep them in my pray's
  • This show should be titled 'Being Whitney Houston.' It is the sordid tale of drug addled singer Houston and her decline into heroin hell. It appears that her loving husband, Bobby, hasn't a damn clue about what the hell is going on.moreless

    Although an interesting person, no doubt, Bobby Brown is not what this show is about. It IS about his wife, Whitney. As I watched the episodes, I became more interested in what Whitney was doing in the background and her inappropriate behavior - wearing sunglasses in dark rooms, yelling religious slogans at a public restaurant, dancing for no reason one can discern, ambling about in a confused manner, talking gibberish, having an enormous craving for sweets, etc - all signs of a first class doper.

    I don't give a flea's dropping about what antics Bobby Brown is up to. Give me more Whitney!

    Yes, a sad story all around. Bobby's world is going downhill fast.moreless
  • Spend some time with the craziest people in history.

    Bobby Brown and his wife Whitney Houston are musical artists who have sold tens of millions of units around the world. They share a happy marriage that has survived problems which would doom anybody else. They are caring and generous parents.

    That said, let's try and figure out what planet they are from.

    The two stars let us follow their family on all sorts of travel stops. Walk around screaming in the airport, have a raging fight with the kids in a hotel shop, stare at a tilted angle and sing for no reason, and I don't have to tell you about that trip to Israel, do I? Bobby and Whitney go through so much oddball public behavior, they need their own patent office.

    Watching this show is like trying to see what happened to cause the tie-up on the other side of the highway. You just need to know.

    As they say, truth is stranger...moreless
  • what a crack head

    what a coulple of carck heads. who on earth thought anyone would be interested in the life of bobby brown and whitney houston. i watched it once or twice, and wondered why child services did not show up to take their children away. please dear god do not let this show come back in any form
  • The only reality show I love

    This has got to be one of the best reality shows on television. Unlike other "reality" shows that plan situations ahead of time and have silly plots, this show is completely the opposite. Bobby Brown shows his human side - how he relates to his wife and children, how he reacts to the many fans that encounter him, how he hates being called "Whitney Houston's husband," and how he's always joking around, contrary to how the media represents him. Bobby seems like a fun guy to be around, and he's always doing something to prove that. In just the first ten episodes, Bobby went camping, went shopping in London, ate at fancy restaurants, played golf, celebrated Father's Day, and proposed a vow renewal to his wife, singer Whitney Houston. All in all, this show represents a cool, down-to-earth singer who just likes to enjoy the little things in life. He's not worried about all the negative attention he gets from the press. The only thing he's interested in doing is Being Bobby Brown.moreless

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