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  • After seeing this show i got to tell you, you'll feel sorry for Bobby Brown for resorting to this.The man needs a career change fast.This is mindless entertainment.Whitney houston looks drugged out.Whats worst is that you see whitney houston act horrible

    you see bobby trying to fit back in society and you see whintey act nasty and grouchy throughout the whole show. I'm Taking all her albums and throwing them in the trash! I no longer want to be part of making her famous.Bobby is at least friendly to the fans.What attracts these guys to eachother is beyond me.
    The show really shows that whitney and bobby need help. This show is mindless trash thats a waste of good money to invest in.I never finished seeing the show cause it was in appauling taste.
    Skip it. go to cartoon network instead.
  • Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston have really hit rock bottom to do a reality show about their lives. Their lives are so exciting that we needed to see how fabulous they really have it. Going to the recording studio with Bobby Brown was boring. No hit songs

    This show was a complete waste of good air time. I know that every one is wanting to cash in on the whole \\\\\\\"reality TV\\\\\\\" banwagon, but somethings need to be left to the imagiation. Now if they were planning to air the \\\\\\\"Browns\\\\\\\" dicussing drug use and calling the dealer for a fix than it might have been worth watching.
  • what a crack head

    what a coulple of carck heads. who on earth thought anyone would be interested in the life of bobby brown and whitney houston. i watched it once or twice, and wondered why child services did not show up to take their children away. please dear god do not let this show come back in any form
  • This show embarrasses every black person on earth.

    This show has every sterotype of a black person. As an African American, I am embarrased by Bobby and Whitney. This show is only good to watch if you want to laugh at them. They really are on crack. It's sad more than funny to look at these singers and see hw low they went. In one episode, Bobby tells Bobby Jr. "no stealing" when they go to a camping store, but he buys just about everything in the store. They act so ghetto, it's sad. Just sad.
  • Why watch average joes act stupid when you can watch celebrities?!

    I absolutely love watching this show...It is not a guitly pleasure for me. My family, friends, and myself talk about the show constantly and laugh our asses off. It's a pleasure to actually see celbrities as real people. A lot of the things that Bobby and Whitney do are a lot like how my sister and I behave when we are having a good time. Sure, plenty of people who watch the show may not get it or look as Bobby and Whitney's behavior as "erratic" or "spacey", yet all I see is a fun-loving couple! Plenty of America is shocked to see Whitney be what they would call "ghetto" but what do they expect she is from NEWARK! Personally, I love it and I love to see some celebrities actually keepin' it real after the fame and fortune.
  • cracked-out-wife-beating-"money-can't-buy-you-class"-stereotypical-hot-ghetto-mess-has-been Bobby Brown opens his mansion doors to the public in this train wreck of a reality series that documents Brown's life as father and husband in the public eye.

    For those of us who truly believed that reality tv couldn't possibly sink to a lower level of blatant crap- after about 8 million hidden camera hijinks, 6,000 teary elimination ceremonies, hundreds of blended animal-bit smoothies, about three dozen idiot celebrities farting and fighting, and one house full of little people searching for romance- "Being Bobby Brown" shows us that television can actually be much, much worse. As if it wasn't bad enough that idiot, classless criminals like Bobby Brown manage to find their way into our tabloids every day- there are now entire shows dedicated to following their every stumbling step. Also waist deep in Bobby's sea of steaming muck: his wife- the tremendously talented (and tremendously insane) Whitney Houston, their bratty children, and the handful of random family members that pop in and out of every episode. Even if I wasn't totally repulsed by Brown's recount of having to relieve Houston's constipation-- with his fingers, or horrified by the couple's incessant public groping, fighting, and singing, I'd be royally pissed off about Bobby being so oblivious to his perpetuating of the vicious sterotypes that have followed african americans for centuries. Evidently he doesn't mind confirming the racist suspicion that all blacks are loud, ignorant, obnoxious, wild, tactless, shucking and jiving, Uncle Toms. "Being Bobby Brown" is a shame not only to african americans everywhere, but to reality tv itself. CHANGE THE CHANNEL.
  • it's offical, Crack is wack! Are they running out of crack money? Why did Whitney okay this? Somebody call rehab quick. What's up with the other two kids Bobby HAS? And, if he can spend all this money on TV why is he behind in his child support payments?

    it's offical, Crack is wack! Are they running out of crack money? Why did Whitney okay this? Somebody call rehab quick. What's up with the other two kids Bobby HAS? And, if he can spend all this money on TV why is he behind in his child support payments? /
  • I watch the show because I wanted to see how Whitney was doing. And, I would have to say it is so completely sad to see what she has turned her life into.

    I watch the show because I wanted to see how Whitney was doing. And, I would have to say it is so completely sad to see what she has turned her life into. She could have been the absolute more memorable performer of all time. But, she threw it all away to become someone who looks, talks, and acts like someone from the gutter. I am just so saddened by the whole thing. And, Bobby Brown is actually someone that I like now. I think that you do see a softer side of him. I just wish that Whitney would have turned her life around. It is such a shame and waste to not only the people, and CHILDREN, who adored her, but also to her own dignity. She was the most talented and beautiful singer I have ever seen. Now, she is completely self-destructing and allowing the entire USA to view it. It is truly unbelievable to me. What a waste of talent...what a waste of life. I pray she makes a full recovery and can one day bless us with her music and talent again.
  • Somebody save me from this nightmare of a reality show!

    Why watch this show? It isn't very good and just shows how crazy Boobby and Whitney have become. Bobby's a crazy nut who is only doing this for the money so he can pay off child support to his ex-girlfriend who has had three kids with him. Whitney looks horrible and has become a wreck. Why watch this show if it only shows how much of a wreck the two have become. Nick and Jessica were so much better than this crud.
  • I like watching the rich and famous poot.

    Who can explain why this sort of program works?

    I am sure while the story writers in this country writhe on their cheap, shag-carpeted floors in utter frustration and misery, the creators of these "let's-watch-stars-pick-their- wedgies" programs are bathing each other in their ill-earned greenbacks.

    Still, I watch.

    I watch because you don't get to hear Whitney Houston chat candidly about an impending bowel movement during an installment of Rumpole the Bailey. You never hear Grandpa Brown argue with his kin about who was responsible for inflating their new tent with stale flatulence while watching the Nova special about the blue whale.

    I guess I watch because it is there. And it isn't anywhere else.

    And I know deep in my heart that the time I spend watching this odiferous crap is lost forever and a little bit more of my brain passes away too.
  • Another excuse to make money. Play Americans, And a sad attempt at comedy

    This is just another excusse for Boobby Brown to make money. This man should be behind bars indefinetely. Bobby Brown does nothing for our race, but then again this is not about Bobby Brown it\'s about his new t.v. series. His new T.v series goes behind the scenes to how He and Whitney act. As if we do not know the truth. He plays us like we are fools, fools who do not know what he does to Whitney or anyone else. We all know that series is a bunch of lies to fool us. So unless you are a fool or would like to be foolish, or played as a fool, then I recommend you don\'t watch this piece of crap.
  • Cameras follow the life of Bobby Brown and his wife Whitney.

    This show makes me feel even more disgusted towards bobby brown! I especially feel bad for his children especially his daughter bobbi kristina! I thought maybe the show would help me to see a better side to bobby but nope it just makes me mad even more because of how he destroyed whitney and not just her career but her as a person!
  • I don't know what's funnier, the real Bobby Brown and Whitney Houstin, or the parodies I've seen of them.

    Just like when you're driving along and you see an accident, you know that it aint gonna be pretty, but you just have to look. That's how I feel about this show. Whitney looks like she's a walking zombie most of the time, and as for Bobby...nothing short of lunatic with too much money and too much time on his hands. Hope they didn't count on this show to boost their album sales or revive their careers.

    It's funny. It's sad. It's pathetic. Any television show starring a former anything is a little depressing. Brown is a former R&B star. Houston-Brown is a former Pop star. They're both starts turned addicts and watching this show is like watching a still birth. Disgusting and fascinating.
  • this show is amazing because bobby brown is one of the great minds of our time, and we can see exactly how he thinks. unfortunately, danger is afoot. read on, true believer!

    it's official: bobby brown is the genius that all believed him to be! 'being bobby brown' is a chronicleof the life of the utimate free-spirit and his almost-too-perfect wife, who remains loyal even as her husband faces adversity.

    unfortunately, these characters are in danger. look at every episode, and you will see a man in a yellow hat in the background. some sources have revealed this man to be a possible witch, if you believe in that. what will become of the brown/houstons? one truth remains: this man has to be apprehended.

    2.5 points off because bobbi christina is a wiccan and that is negative.
  • Being Bobby Brown, a show that takes place in the life of former (?) New Edition member Bobby Brown and his family, including wife Whitney Houston.

    I had to put this as unintentionally funny. I don't know what Bravo or Bobby intended for this show. Don't care. On the other hand, I will make a prediction: watching this show will make you realize that Bobby didn't do this to Whitney. Whitney, I love you girl, but I didn't know you were this crazy. That's a pretty good ruse about you being prim and proper, but not as good as the ruse that your girl Mariah had class. (Yeah, I said it. Many of you probably realized it too around '97, you don't want to admit it.) No brother, no matter how thugged out he is, should have made someone that crazy. Still Whitney is doing her job as a good supporting player. She brings the laughter and the outrageousness that a good supporting player does. (See Jack, Just; Lenny and Squiggy; etc.) The kids are cute--especially Brown and Houston's daughter, I was worried about her. Sometimes they have a case of TMI that makes you scream "Hell to the no!" Still, you should check out at least two episodes. You probably will get some insight as to why they have been married for the past 10 or 11 years. Being Bobby Brown is being on my list for summer programming. I'll be checking for the marathon.
  • This is one of the show that I hate to love. Most people think that because you have money that all is good in the world but i guess we can see that it not. I have always be a fan of Mr. Brown and Ms. Huston.

    'm not to sure what the reason was for doing a show about Bobby Brown, but it does show you that he is a person who's life is realy no diffrent from any other person regradless to ther star and fame status his life. This show lets you know that you really can't judge a book by it cover you sometime have to read the pages in between the covers to find out what the book is really all about, and unless you read the whole book you willnever understand what the whole story is all about. What i'm mostly trying to say is that by watching the show I got to see a diffrent side to Mr. Brown but at the same time is it his real side or the side that he want the world to see because he is on TV. I want to know what really happens when the light and camras go out and the real action starts.
  • Follow the life of R&B bad boy Bobby Brown as he shows you his more personal side.

    This is my guilty pleasure. Especially since im not a fan of reality shows and its a show about the wacky antics of Bobby Brown. However I was and still am a huge New Edition fan so anything that has to do with them i want to see it. Besides your garanteed to be entertained in one way or another when Bobby Brown and or Whitney Houston are involved. There's nothing to deep about this show (or any reality show for that fact) you kind of just sit back and thank the heavans your not related to them! Relax its just televison!
  • No matter what you ingnorant people say the show is great!

    This show is pretty funny weather you like Bobby and Whitney or not. Are you guys critics? You knew you didn't even like the couple but you watched the show anyway and made fun of it. Really leave the show alone if you don't like it. No matter what you ingnorant people say the show is great!
  • This show does not the the "power couple" in the best light however i must say that it is fun .... and interesting .... please stop hating on this show you all watch it. nick and jessica move over and please stop being fake welcome !!! being bobby brown

    This show does not the the "power couple" in the best light however i must say that it is fun .... and interesting .... please stop hating on this show you all watch it. nick and jessica move over and please stop being fake welcome !!! being bobby brown i love this show !!! cant wait to continue to watch as the season goes on !!
  • I don't really undastand the cocept of the show but it's very funny to see 2 crackheads act the way they do!

    At first when i turned this show on i was like " this show is gonna be nothin' but crap" but that totally changed when I start laughing as soon as i saw bobby embarassing whitney and bobbi kristina in th mall and they were mad at him and not speaking to him.
  • R.i.p whitney!

    Rest in Peace Whitney Houston greatest singer of all time.. May god bless you and your family i will keep them in my pray's
  • Spend some time with the craziest people in history.

    Bobby Brown and his wife Whitney Houston are musical artists who have sold tens of millions of units around the world. They share a happy marriage that has survived problems which would doom anybody else. They are caring and generous parents.

    That said, let's try and figure out what planet they are from.

    The two stars let us follow their family on all sorts of travel stops. Walk around screaming in the airport, have a raging fight with the kids in a hotel shop, stare at a tilted angle and sing for no reason, and I don't have to tell you about that trip to Israel, do I? Bobby and Whitney go through so much oddball public behavior, they need their own patent office.

    Watching this show is like trying to see what happened to cause the tie-up on the other side of the highway. You just need to know.

    As they say, truth is stranger...
  • This show is such a guily pleasure.

    Even if you are not a fan of Bobby Brown, you can watch to see what Whitney has been up to, despite the fact that the show is rather old, relatively speaking. Since the show, Whitney has gone back into rehab. The show is so amazing because they are not only much more well off than we thought, but that they have a VERY solid (even romantic) relationship.
  • The relationship between Bobby and Whitney has survived scathing criticism by the public, who perceive Whitney as a perfect princess married to the toad that never changed into a prince. Many have blamed Bobby for the Whitney decline. Not so! In actua

    Some consider Being Bobby Brown disgusting because of such taboo topics as bodily functions and sex, but I see a relationship in which Houston feeds off Brown energy, vitality, and spontaneity while being repulsed by his immaturity. While the world sees a reckless, irresponsible, self-absorbed lowlife, Whitney sees a creative genius stagnating in the winter of his discontent. In one episode, for example, Brown plans an elegant day for Whitney--plans which are upset when he invites his nieces and nephews to come along. Disgusted, Whitney, nevertheless, appreciates the moment, patiently anticipating the day Bobby will become a man.
  • Better than Nick and Jessica.

    I gotta be honest at first, when I heard about Bobby's new show, I thought to myself not another reality show. But my opinion soon changed after watching the show because it's simply one of the best reality shows on Bravo and on air. This show is very funny and should be watched by anyone wanting a good laugh.
  • Waste of money and good air time!

    "Being Bobby Brown Show" is a complete waste of time. Bobby and Whitney are very embarrassing and just sick!!. I feel so sorry for their little girl Bobbi Kristina that she has to be subjected to their humiliation. Bobby and Whitney are so uncouthed. Whitney what happened to you? Bobby why are you so simple? I hate to be so harsh but something needed to be said. They both are very talented people, but they are just wasting their talents with drinking and getting high. Its really sad. I give this show a very low/poor review. I hope they get it togehter for their daughter's sake.
  • An utter Waste of Space

    What in the world caused Bravo to make this or Allow this on air?
    I like Whitney Housten as much as the next person but Who wants to watch a show by a guy that I only know him for being married to her?

    Granted, It can be amusing at times. but he acts like a total moron. I guess people like it and that's why it has been cancelled or canned but c'mon make a show worth watching and Not something that has been done before.
  • This show was a complete waste of time! Who in the dark halls of hell thought about this? Nobody wants to hear about no Bobby Brown and his going to jail and everything. I hate him because of what he did to Whitney.

    I will not waste my sweet time watching this bullcrap! Bobby Brown is an evil, ugly, obnoxious crack-head! I hate him so much because he turned a beautiful, talented, smart woman into a junkey. I will not waste my time watching this stupid show! Somebody needs to stop the person that ever thought about giving that fool a show!
  • A look into the life of Bobby Brown-his relationship with his wife Whitney Houston and his family as well as dealing with fame and the problems that he has encountered such as drugs, problems with authority etc. It's unscripted, raw and it's also real. Yo

    Umm...It's okay. To me, it's showing some things that we already know or can pretty much can tell about Bobby. In some ways it's unexpected. Like how nice he is to his fans. Whitney just has a nasty attitude. I think that her attitude could have been better when it comes to her fans.At least he was nice to them. At some points in the show, she would be all right but other times she's out of it. Other than that, the show isn't really all that interesting. I think it's boring.
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