Being Bobby Brown

Bravo (ended 2005)


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  • A camera crew follows Bobby Brown and his wife, Diva Whitney Houston and their family through daily life.

    A better title would be "Exploiting Whitney Houston". She is constantly shoving a hand up in front of the camera, and hiding in the corners. Bobby, on the other hand is busy mugging for every camera pointed in his direction. When the autograph seekers are "shooed away" by his wife, he is eagerly awaiting her cast-offs. Pen in hand, he offers up his autograph instead. He usually has to explain who he is, by revealing who he's married to.
    Bobby and Whitney take us long on many an eating binge. They show up in the ritziest of restaurants, and order the entire menu. After their spread arrives, they dig in, licking each others fingers and plates clean. Their dinner conversation turns to the topic of bathroom activities most times, with one of them saying how bad they need to take a poop. It is clear that neither one of these stars is sober these days. Whitneys eyes are merely slits in most scenes, and when they are open, she is angry, and on edge. Bobby just prances her around town, gloating at the lifestyle that she's allowing him. I must admit that I do have a picture of what it is like to "Be Bobby Brown" now, and it sickens me.
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