Being Bobby Brown

Bravo (ended 2005)


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  • This show should be titled 'Being Whitney Houston.' It is the sordid tale of drug addled singer Houston and her decline into heroin hell. It appears that her loving husband, Bobby, hasn't a damn clue about what the hell is going on.

    Although an interesting person, no doubt, Bobby Brown is not what this show is about. It IS about his wife, Whitney. As I watched the episodes, I became more interested in what Whitney was doing in the background and her inappropriate behavior - wearing sunglasses in dark rooms, yelling religious slogans at a public restaurant, dancing for no reason one can discern, ambling about in a confused manner, talking gibberish, having an enormous craving for sweets, etc - all signs of a first class doper.

    I don't give a flea's dropping about what antics Bobby Brown is up to. Give me more Whitney!

    Yes, a sad story all around. Bobby's world is going downhill fast.