Being Bobby Brown

Bravo (ended 2005)


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  • cracked-out-wife-beating-"money-can't-buy-you-class"-stereotypical-hot-ghetto-mess-has-been Bobby Brown opens his mansion doors to the public in this train wreck of a reality series that documents Brown's life as father and husband in the public eye.

    For those of us who truly believed that reality tv couldn't possibly sink to a lower level of blatant crap- after about 8 million hidden camera hijinks, 6,000 teary elimination ceremonies, hundreds of blended animal-bit smoothies, about three dozen idiot celebrities farting and fighting, and one house full of little people searching for romance- "Being Bobby Brown" shows us that television can actually be much, much worse. As if it wasn't bad enough that idiot, classless criminals like Bobby Brown manage to find their way into our tabloids every day- there are now entire shows dedicated to following their every stumbling step. Also waist deep in Bobby's sea of steaming muck: his wife- the tremendously talented (and tremendously insane) Whitney Houston, their bratty children, and the handful of random family members that pop in and out of every episode. Even if I wasn't totally repulsed by Brown's recount of having to relieve Houston's constipation-- with his fingers, or horrified by the couple's incessant public groping, fighting, and singing, I'd be royally pissed off about Bobby being so oblivious to his perpetuating of the vicious sterotypes that have followed african americans for centuries. Evidently he doesn't mind confirming the racist suspicion that all blacks are loud, ignorant, obnoxious, wild, tactless, shucking and jiving, Uncle Toms. "Being Bobby Brown" is a shame not only to african americans everywhere, but to reality tv itself. CHANGE THE CHANNEL.
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