Being Bobby Brown

Bravo (ended 2005)


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  • Do you want to watch a burned out star living off his wife's name as he spirals into further destruction?

    Being Bobby Brown is a tragic tale worthy of reality TV. It is a Hollywood tale. The star was born with talent, blessed with opportunity, cursed by drugs, and lacking common sense. With his days of music behind him, he has embarked on a career in reality TV airing his dirty laundry for all to see and trading on his famous wife's name. Nothing could be more pitiful than a man asking, "Do you know who I am?" Then watching him reply, Whitney Houston's husband. His life at present epitomizes reality television at it's worst. There is no value in a medium that thrives by using people consumed by faults to fuel its flames.

    The shame is Bobby Brown is such a talented man going down in flames. If you like watching misery and a man makes a fool of himself and others, this is your couch potato fix. It will not make you feel better, you will not learn anything, it will not stimulate your imagination, but it does reach the lowest common denominator in reality TV.
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