Being Erica

Season 2 Episode 2

Battle Royale

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2009 on CBC

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  • They are fighting already

    after we had to wait the whole last season for erica and ethan to finally get together, now they are fighting already. hes worried that she pushes to hard, and honestly: she did. i mean all that marriage and children talk at the party of ericas mother... kind of a little bit too much. however, when shes send back to her early love in summer camp she finds out that talking is the most important thing in a relationship. she didnt know that?? come on... however, what about brent? is he really going to kick guilianne out? he will never come through with this. and what about sam and her husband? does this mean they leave the show or will he leave her? i never liked him anyway... so no big loss there.
    any way, great episode.
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