Being Erica

Season 4 Episode 11

Dr. Erica

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2011 on CBC



  • Quotes

    • Dr. Tom: Erica.
      Erica: (coming to say goodbye to Dr. Tom) Hi. I'm, um, not interrupting?
      Dr. Tom: No, no, no, not at all. In fact, I wanted to... I wanted to talk to you about something. It's good news.
      Erica: Dr. Tom, me first, okay? I said that I wanted you to do what's right for you, but... but the truth is... is that I never wanted this to end.
      Dr. Tom: Well, that's what I wanted to tell you. It doesn't have to end, Erica. Not yet. I've talked to Dr. Naadiah and I can put this off.
      Erica: No, dr. Tom, you can't.
      Dr. Tom: No, I can. I can wait, Erica, until you're ready.
      Erica: Well then... you'll wait forever. Because honestly, I will never be ready for you to go. (almost crying) I know that this is right, and I know that I'm gonna miss you so, so much, but ... I also know that I'm... I'm gonna be okay.
      Dr. Tom: (nodding) Huh. And you're ...?
      Erica: Yes, I'm sure.
      Dr. Tom: (picks up her list of regrets) Erica Strange. (listing her regrets)