Being Erica

Season 1 Episode 1

Dr. Tom

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2009 on CBC

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  • A nice beginning to the series overall...

    "So Dad's in the living room smoking pot, and my 13-year-old brother in law just checked me out. If this is a dream, it's scary real. I have no words. Well, maybe three: what the hell?"

    I found the bits like the one above very entertaining, though I would expect another word to end that sentence from many normal real life people... =)

    I liked the fact that the show just didn't started with Dr.Tom and Erica meeting and going to therapy, first they let us get to know Erica a bit and even like her maybe. And when she was thrown back to her past, we didn't have any more knowledge than she did about how the thing worked or if it was really happening. As you can see from the name of the show, "Being Erica" it's all about Erica and I believe it was wise of them to identify the viewers with Erica, more than anyone else.

    Overall, a good episode to begin the series, though I found Dr.Tom's usage of quotes a little bit too much in this particular episode. I'll definitelt return back for another episode.