Being Erica

Season 1 Episode 9

Everything She Wants

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2009 on CBC
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When problems arise between Erica and Ryan, after Erica goes to a party with Ethan, while Ryan is supposedly away, Erica is sent back to relive an unusual love affair of her university days, in order to understand her feelings about Ryan in the present.

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      • (Brent begins ripping off the front pages of the agenda's Erica is laying out)
        Erica: Whoa! Hey, Brent, what are you doing?
        Brent: Today, of all days, you forget to bold the title? Always bold … (tears another) the title.
        Erica: Brent, no, they're fine.
        Brent: No, they are so not fine. You see that? (gestures to Julianne) Dark sunglasses? Not good. Word around the office is that Jackson dumped her. Quelle surprise.

      • Erica: So, tell me … why are- why are you pulling out all the stops tonight?
        Ryan: Why do you think?
        Erica: Uh. let's see, maybe you're feeling guilty because you're flying away tomorrow and leaving me dateless for my boss's very big, important anniversary party?
        Ryan: Okay, yeah, now I feel guilty. But, no, it's more than that.
        Erica: Yeah?
        Ryan: Yeah, tonight is three months to the day that we first met.
        Erica: We're-we're celebrating three months?
        Ryan: You think I'd make crème brûlée for just any old night?
        Erica: No, I just …
        Ryan: You thought I was in it for the hot sex? (Erica laughs nervously) No, Erica. I don't make crème brûlée just for anyone, only the ones that I …
        Erica (teasing): Uh, wha- eh? The ones that you what?
        Ryan: Nothin'.
        Erica: Only the ones that you wanna impress with your … superb culinary skills, hmm?
        Ryan: Only the one's that I love.
        Erica (stunned silence): Wow! That's, um … (stammers) I just, I meant, I mean that love is, uh … I mean, it's a very serious … emotion.
        Ryan: Ah. Sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot.

      • Erica: Love. It's the biggest risk we take - and the most enduring mystery.

      • (watching Julianne attach herself to Ethan)
        Erica: Twenty-four.
        Brent: No, that was touch number twenty-five, in … five minutes. So, what is it about him do you think? I mean, he's got … great eyes. I can't compete with what God gave him. Is it his hair? Because that's something I can do something about. (Erica laughs) Maybe get a … mullet?

      • (Ryan is jealous of Ethan and Erica)
        Ethan: You know, I'm just curious, what is it you think we do when we get together?
        Ryan: Watch reruns of Sex and the City, drink tea and share feelings? I'm joking, buddy, lighten up.

      • (Erica steps out of the elevator at the party and finds herself in Dr. Tom's office)
        Erica: Oh! Thank God!
        Dr. Tom: I'm not sure if I should be flattered or perturbed?

      • (Dr. Tom shows up as the club doorman dressed like a gay biker)
        Erica: Oh, am I not dressed up enough for your big, fancy club?
        Dr. Tom: No, on the contrary, you look fabulous … uh, for 32.
        Erica: And you-you look like a reject from The Village People.
        Dr. Tom: Aren't you full of confidence and sass tonight?
        Erica: I forgot how much fun Cassidy was. I mean, you shoulda seen how she took on Barb-zilla. She did-she did this thing where she just killed her with kindness. It was awesome.
        Dr. Tom: Look at you, all giddy. Are those butterflies in your stomach? Are those stars in your eyes?
        Erica: I'm straight.
        Dr. Tom: That's what you keep saying, yeah.
        Erica: No, I am. I'm not interested in girls. I have never been interested in girls. But I-I am bonkers about Cassidy. I mean, the way that I feel when I'm with her and the things that we do together.
        Dr. Tom: Well, that sounds wonderful.
        Erica: It is.
        Dr. Tom: And yet, you're straight.
        Erica: Yeah.
        Dr. Tom: Yeah, so those are … friendly butterflies? Friendly stars?
        Erica: I can't be into Cassidy. I'm not (lowers voice) a lesbian.
        Dr. Tom: "Labels are for cans, not people." Anthony Rapp.

      • Erica: Oh, my God. Did Ethan tell you?
        Jenny: Of course he did, but why didn't you?
        Judith: Were you worried that we wouldn't accept your lifestyle?
        Erica: No! No, what? What lifestyle?
        Jenny: And to be perfectly honest, this isn't a big surprise. (Erica looks stunned) No, your unholy love of camping!
        Judith: Oh, that Ani DiFranco box set.
        Jenny: That Melissa Etheridge collection - and the women's softball league you joined back in grade 9. (Judith murmurs agreement)
        Erica: OH, MY GOD! I'M NOT GAY!

      • Erica: Um, so, you-you just had to tell the girls?
        Ethan: Like you'd keep it to yourself if you came home and found me mackin' with some dude?
        Erica: Hmm.
        Ethan: Here, throw this back. Cheers. (both groan disgustedly at the taste) So … is this where you tell me you're gay?
        Erica: No.
        Ethan: Oh, okay. Well, I'm confused then.
        Erica: Yeah, okay, well, that makes two of us then.
        Ethan: Okay, let me get this straight … uh, no pun intended. When you were with Cassidy, did-did it feel right?
        Erica: No. But, I mean, it didn't feel right the first time I was with a guy.
        Ethan: My problem is, is that you hooked up … with a friend.
        Erica: Why is that a problem?
        Ethan: Erica, there are certain lines you just don't cross. I mean, sure, things could turn out great, but they could also blow up in your face.
        Erica: So … you're-you're telling me that, you know, you'd never kiss a friend?
        Ethan: No, never.
        Erica: Really?
        Ethan: Not unless I really meant it, not unless I wanted to take the relationship to the next level. So, you either commit to Cassidy a hundred per cent - or withdraw.

      • Cassidy (scoffs): Your friends, Jenny and Judith? They're so proud of you for taking this big important step in your life.
        Erica: Cassidy …
        Cassidy: So, what is it, Erica? Because you keep telling me that we're moving too fast and your friends are throwing a pride parade in your honor.
        Erica: I know, and believe me, this has become so much more complicated than I ever intended.
        Cassidy: You know, there's a reason I don't go for straight girls - and this is it. So you walk away with broadened horizons and a-a sexy little story to get your boyfriend off and I …? I walk away nothing - just a lot of pain and a lotta kicking myself in the ass.
        Erica: Cassidy, I do, I feel something for you.
        Cassidy: Yeah, you keep saying that.

      • Cassidy: Well, the verdict is in : this could never work.
        Erica: Which is crazy, because there is so much that's great between us.
        Cassidy: Yeah, there is, but … for a relationship to work, in the long run …
        Erica: It's gotta be all-or-nothing.
        Cassidy: We do not have it all.

      • Erica: Love. It's a strange mixture of … alchemy and destiny. And despite all our grand ideas about who we should be with, love ultimately chooses for us … every time.

      • Dr. Tom: Now what will you do? I mean, you couldn't give your body to Cassidy and you couldn't give your heart to Ryan. So, who can you give those all-important things to?
        Erica (voiceover): They say love is friendship set on fire. And if you're lucky enough to find someone you can give yourself to - mind, body and soul? You should hold on - and hope like hell you don't get burned.

      • Erica (near tears): Look, this is a really loaded statement and, um … I'm gonna apologize in advance for complicating your life because I know that you're trying to work things out with Claire. I-I know that, I just, um, I … I have to tell you …
        Ethan: What?
        Erica: That, uh … I … love you. And not just as a friend - in both ways, in all ways. When we kissed, that really, um, it changed things for me. Or maybe it … maybe it just showed me what was always there … Oh, please say something.
        Ethan: Erica … I'm … married to Claire.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Erica: And you-you look like a reject from The Village People.

        Referring to Dr. Tom's gay biker outfit, Erica alludes to The Village People, a costumed, '80's disco group created to target disco's large gay audience.

      • Judith: Oh, that Ani DiFranco box set.
        Jenny: That Melissa Etheridge collection - and the women's softball league you joined back in grade 9.

        Thinking that Erica has been "outed" as a lesbian, her friends allude to Melissa Etheridge and Ani DiFranco, two openly gay musicians - as if listening to their music would somehow confirm "gayness".