Being Erica

Season 1 Episode 9

Everything She Wants

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2009 on CBC



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    • (Brent begins ripping off the front pages of the agenda's Erica is laying out)
      Erica: Whoa! Hey, Brent, what are you doing?
      Brent: Today, of all days, you forget to bold the title? Always bold … (tears another) the title.
      Erica: Brent, no, they're fine.
      Brent: No, they are so not fine. You see that? (gestures to Julianne) Dark sunglasses? Not good. Word around the office is that Jackson dumped her. Quelle surprise.

    • Erica: So, tell me … why are- why are you pulling out all the stops tonight?
      Ryan: Why do you think?
      Erica: Uh. let's see, maybe you're feeling guilty because you're flying away tomorrow and leaving me dateless for my boss's very big, important anniversary party?
      Ryan: Okay, yeah, now I feel guilty. But, no, it's more than that.
      Erica: Yeah?
      Ryan: Yeah, tonight is three months to the day that we first met.
      Erica: We're-we're celebrating three months?
      Ryan: You think I'd make crème brûlée for just any old night?
      Erica: No, I just …
      Ryan: You thought I was in it for the hot sex? (Erica laughs nervously) No, Erica. I don't make crème brûlée just for anyone, only the ones that I …
      Erica (teasing): Uh, wha- eh? The ones that you what?
      Ryan: Nothin'.
      Erica: Only the ones that you wanna impress with your … superb culinary skills, hmm?
      Ryan: Only the one's that I love.
      Erica (stunned silence): Wow! That's, um … (stammers) I just, I meant, I mean that love is, uh … I mean, it's a very serious … emotion.
      Ryan: Ah. Sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot.

    • Erica: Love. It's the biggest risk we take - and the most enduring mystery.

    • (watching Julianne attach herself to Ethan)
      Erica: Twenty-four.
      Brent: No, that was touch number twenty-five, in … five minutes. So, what is it about him do you think? I mean, he's got … great eyes. I can't compete with what God gave him. Is it his hair? Because that's something I can do something about. (Erica laughs) Maybe get a … mullet?

    • (Ryan is jealous of Ethan and Erica)
      Ethan: You know, I'm just curious, what is it you think we do when we get together?
      Ryan: Watch reruns of Sex and the City, drink tea and share feelings? I'm joking, buddy, lighten up.

    • (Erica steps out of the elevator at the party and finds herself in Dr. Tom's office)
      Erica: Oh! Thank God!
      Dr. Tom: I'm not sure if I should be flattered or perturbed?

    • (Dr. Tom shows up as the club doorman dressed like a gay biker)
      Erica: Oh, am I not dressed up enough for your big, fancy club?
      Dr. Tom: No, on the contrary, you look fabulous … uh, for 32.
      Erica: And you-you look like a reject from The Village People.
      Dr. Tom: Aren't you full of confidence and sass tonight?
      Erica: I forgot how much fun Cassidy was. I mean, you shoulda seen how she took on Barb-zilla. She did-she did this thing where she just killed her with kindness. It was awesome.
      Dr. Tom: Look at you, all giddy. Are those butterflies in your stomach? Are those stars in your eyes?
      Erica: I'm straight.
      Dr. Tom: That's what you keep saying, yeah.
      Erica: No, I am. I'm not interested in girls. I have never been interested in girls. But I-I am bonkers about Cassidy. I mean, the way that I feel when I'm with her and the things that we do together.
      Dr. Tom: Well, that sounds wonderful.
      Erica: It is.
      Dr. Tom: And yet, you're straight.
      Erica: Yeah.
      Dr. Tom: Yeah, so those are … friendly butterflies? Friendly stars?
      Erica: I can't be into Cassidy. I'm not (lowers voice) a lesbian.
      Dr. Tom: "Labels are for cans, not people." Anthony Rapp.

    • Erica: Oh, my God. Did Ethan tell you?
      Jenny: Of course he did, but why didn't you?
      Judith: Were you worried that we wouldn't accept your lifestyle?
      Erica: No! No, what? What lifestyle?
      Jenny: And to be perfectly honest, this isn't a big surprise. (Erica looks stunned) No, your unholy love of camping!
      Judith: Oh, that Ani DiFranco box set.
      Jenny: That Melissa Etheridge collection - and the women's softball league you joined back in grade 9. (Judith murmurs agreement)
      Erica: OH, MY GOD! I'M NOT GAY!

    • Erica: Um, so, you-you just had to tell the girls?
      Ethan: Like you'd keep it to yourself if you came home and found me mackin' with some dude?
      Erica: Hmm.
      Ethan: Here, throw this back. Cheers. (both groan disgustedly at the taste) So … is this where you tell me you're gay?
      Erica: No.
      Ethan: Oh, okay. Well, I'm confused then.
      Erica: Yeah, okay, well, that makes two of us then.
      Ethan: Okay, let me get this straight … uh, no pun intended. When you were with Cassidy, did-did it feel right?
      Erica: No. But, I mean, it didn't feel right the first time I was with a guy.
      Ethan: My problem is, is that you hooked up … with a friend.
      Erica: Why is that a problem?
      Ethan: Erica, there are certain lines you just don't cross. I mean, sure, things could turn out great, but they could also blow up in your face.
      Erica: So … you're-you're telling me that, you know, you'd never kiss a friend?
      Ethan: No, never.
      Erica: Really?
      Ethan: Not unless I really meant it, not unless I wanted to take the relationship to the next level. So, you either commit to Cassidy a hundred per cent - or withdraw.

    • Cassidy (scoffs): Your friends, Jenny and Judith? They're so proud of you for taking this big important step in your life.
      Erica: Cassidy …
      Cassidy: So, what is it, Erica? Because you keep telling me that we're moving too fast and your friends are throwing a pride parade in your honor.
      Erica: I know, and believe me, this has become so much more complicated than I ever intended.
      Cassidy: You know, there's a reason I don't go for straight girls - and this is it. So you walk away with broadened horizons and a-a sexy little story to get your boyfriend off and I …? I walk away nothing - just a lot of pain and a lotta kicking myself in the ass.
      Erica: Cassidy, I do, I feel something for you.
      Cassidy: Yeah, you keep saying that.

    • Cassidy: Well, the verdict is in : this could never work.
      Erica: Which is crazy, because there is so much that's great between us.
      Cassidy: Yeah, there is, but … for a relationship to work, in the long run …
      Erica: It's gotta be all-or-nothing.
      Cassidy: We do not have it all.

    • Erica: Love. It's a strange mixture of … alchemy and destiny. And despite all our grand ideas about who we should be with, love ultimately chooses for us … every time.

    • Dr. Tom: Now what will you do? I mean, you couldn't give your body to Cassidy and you couldn't give your heart to Ryan. So, who can you give those all-important things to?
      Erica (voiceover): They say love is friendship set on fire. And if you're lucky enough to find someone you can give yourself to - mind, body and soul? You should hold on - and hope like hell you don't get burned.

    • Erica (near tears): Look, this is a really loaded statement and, um … I'm gonna apologize in advance for complicating your life because I know that you're trying to work things out with Claire. I-I know that, I just, um, I … I have to tell you …
      Ethan: What?
      Erica: That, uh … I … love you. And not just as a friend - in both ways, in all ways. When we kissed, that really, um, it changed things for me. Or maybe it … maybe it just showed me what was always there … Oh, please say something.
      Ethan: Erica … I'm … married to Claire.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Všechno, co chce (Everything She Wants)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      U.S. : April 16, 2009 on SOAPnet
      Netherlands : June 2, 2009 on Net 5
      U.K. : November 16, 2009 on E4

  • Allusions

    • Erica: And you-you look like a reject from The Village People.

      Referring to Dr. Tom's gay biker outfit, Erica alludes to The Village People, a costumed, '80's disco group created to target disco's large gay audience.

    • Judith: Oh, that Ani DiFranco box set.
      Jenny: That Melissa Etheridge collection - and the women's softball league you joined back in grade 9.

      Thinking that Erica has been "outed" as a lesbian, her friends allude to Melissa Etheridge and Ani DiFranco, two openly gay musicians - as if listening to their music would somehow confirm "gayness".

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