Being Erica

Season 1 Episode 9

Everything She Wants

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2009 on CBC



  • Quotes

    • (Dr. Tom shows up as the club doorman dressed like a gay biker)
      Erica: Oh, am I not dressed up enough for your big, fancy club?
      Dr. Tom: No, on the contrary, you look fabulous … uh, for 32.
      Erica: And you-you look like a reject from The Village People.
      Dr. Tom: Aren't you full of confidence and sass tonight?
      Erica: I forgot how much fun Cassidy was. I mean, you shoulda seen how she took on Barb-zilla. She did-she did this thing where she just killed her with kindness. It was awesome.
      Dr. Tom: Look at you, all giddy. Are those butterflies in your stomach? Are those stars in your eyes?
      Erica: I'm straight.
      Dr. Tom: That's what you keep saying, yeah.
      Erica: No, I am. I'm not interested in girls. I have never been interested in girls. But I-I am bonkers about Cassidy. I mean, the way that I feel when I'm with her and the things that we do together.
      Dr. Tom: Well, that sounds wonderful.
      Erica: It is.
      Dr. Tom: And yet, you're straight.
      Erica: Yeah.
      Dr. Tom: Yeah, so those are … friendly butterflies? Friendly stars?
      Erica: I can't be into Cassidy. I'm not (lowers voice) a lesbian.
      Dr. Tom: "Labels are for cans, not people." Anthony Rapp.

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