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**SPOILER** Is Erica really going to ***?

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    [1]Nov 15, 2011
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    After last night's episode I was left wondering... Is she really going to die in 2019 after all? Was she visiting younger Erica and Dr. Tom just before going to the station to die??? That goodbye to Dr. Tom seem an awful lot final... What do you guys think?

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    Everything possible, but I think Erica survives, that is at least one version of Erica does (it's just like Fringe alt-universe thing). Regarding her goodbye to Dr. Tom - I think that Dr. Tom is seriously contemplating the idea of quiting his time travel therapist stuff and embarking on a no-secret-no-superpower-no-time-travel-life with Amanda, respectively Erica's goodbye was her another chance to see Dr. Tom whom she might not have seen for quite a long time

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    After watching last nights episode, I think she does die in 2019. I think future Erica was just visiting younger Erica and Dr. Tom before she died. There's so many possibilities that she could survive. I mean maybe she just dies in Dr. Fred's and Kai's reality, and her reality is completely different from their reality.
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    Actually, I took it as: is something going to happen to DR. Tom? I see it this way... If Dr. Tom was still in 43 year old Erica's life why would she stop by and say "Hi" as if she missed him, that must mean that he isn't. Especially when he says to her "I'm sure we'll still be talking 8 years from now." And the way she looked after she closed the door to his office makes me think he really isn't around and not just quit being a Doctor, as in something will happen to him in this strand of time. I think this because even if you are a Doctor you still have a Therapist yourself, we get to see Dr. Tom's all the time. It's really sad because it means that our Erica (the one we get to follow and see all the time) will be around in the future, but won't be around in Kai's strand of time in the future, which is a real bummer because I love them together soooo much! I will just chalk it up to time-crossed lovers and see what happens next. Also did anyone notice how 43 old Erica was dressed and not wearing a wedding ring? She looks so sophisticated and chic, I'm guessing their publishing company really takes off, but she is still unmarried, so I'm curious to see who 43 year old Erica ends up with, and what her family is like then.

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