Being Erica

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2009 on CBC

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  • Sad, but great episode!

    I really love this episode to bits, its just amazing! I can't imagine one of my siblings dieing, it must be really hard. I sympathize with Erica trying to save her brother even though she was not supposed to. It was so sad and admiring how Erica chose to let her brother go at the very end and help her family let him go too.

    Erica watching the hosue burn down and the fire spreading everywhere.... it broke my heart and made me cry. This whole episode did. Dr.Tom grabbing up Erica and hurting her scared me and you can tell oit really frightened Erica too. Overall, the saddest and most strongest episode of the series.
  • Erica gets sent back to try to control herself from saving Leo.

    Really REALLY great episode!! I just didnt understand why she would be sent back if she couldnt fix anything, either than that, great episode!! She broke the rules by changing practically her whole life by saving Leo and now she has to suffer consequences,
    nerve-wrecking, brilliant!!! I would watch this episode over and over if I could, its that great!!! I think that if you havent seen this episode yet, go see it now!!! Its great, fun, but sad...but still an awesome eppy!!!! Best of the series, in my opinion!!!! Luvved this episode!!! iMA WATCH IT AGAIN! Maybe in a few minutes tho...