Being Erica

Season 3 Episode 2

Moving On Up

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2010 on CBC



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    • Featured Music:
      "Make Me Lose Control" by Eric Carmen
      "Seduce Them All" by Central Park feat. Emilie Mover
      "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" by Kylie Minogue
      "Strip Show" from All That Jazz
      "Locomotive" from Swing, Blues & Big Band
      "It's Raining Men" by Geri Halliwell

    • Quote Dr. Tom uses in this episode:

      Learning is finding out what you already know. - Richard Bach

  • Quotes

    • (Dave and Ivan toast Erica and Julianne at the reopening of Goblins)
      Ivan: Well, enjoy the party, ladies - and, uh, don't do anyone I wouldn't do.

    • Julianne: And I have to say I have never seen so many gorgeous men in one place. Ooh! Erica, incoming. Incoming.
      (guy in muscle shirt goes by as Dave walks up)
      Julianne: Hi.
      Erica: Wow!
      Julianne: Wow.
      Dave: Gay.
      Julianne: No!
      Ivan: Oh, uh, yeah - as gay as Adam Lambert at a Miley Cyrus mall tour.

    • Erica: They say losing a lover is hard, losing a friend is harder - and losing both is the hardest of all. What do you do when a piece of your life is suddenly missing? We know we're supposed to move on, but how …? How do you move on when there's a hole in your life that nothing can fill?

    • Judith: Juice guy is cu-ute! Why are we running away?
      Erica: Jude!
      Judith: What? I'm not saying marry him, but he is HOT! - and clearly into you, so maybe you should, uh …
      Erica: What? Hook up?
      Judith: No, that's a bad idea, right? I just hate seeing you so sad.
      Erica: I am not so sad.
      Judith: Yes, you are.
      Erica: You know what, Jude? People break up every day.
      Judith: And it's hard.
      Erica: Yeah, it's hard - and I've been sad for … three weeks, and you-you know what? Enough. You know, I'm starting to annoy myself. Get over it. Stop … moping and thinking about him and … calling him and then hanging up.

    • (Lenin tries to clean off the paint Julianne got on her shoe)
      Lenin: You know what? Looks like I'm gonna have to call this one. Time of death - 10:57.
      Samantha (stressed): I cannot go to an interview with one blue shoe.
      Lenin: Why not? It makes a statement.
      Samantha: Yeah, it says I'm a flake.
      Lenin: No, it says that you're an eccentric non-conformist.
      Samantha (laughs): Which, I'm sure, is totally what they're looking for in a surgeon.
      Lenin: You're a surgeon?
      Samantha: Why? Is that bad?
      Lenin: Uh, no, no. It's just, uh, you don't … really seem like a surgeon.
      Samantha (smiling): And what are surgeons like?
      Lenin: You know, God complex, jocks, always really busy.

    • (Erica takes out a pen and stops, staring at the inscription)
      Julianne: Chicken? Space Case!? Are you okay?
      Erica: Yeah, I'm fine.
      Julianne: You know, you're the worst liar - ever.
      Erica (sighs): Ethan, he, um … he gave that to me the night of the launch.
      Julianne (reading): "You're the One."
      Erica: God, what is wrong with me!? I mean, every time that I think I'm getting over him, something happens that reminds me of him and I just, I feel like I am starting back at square one.
      Julianne: Well, maybe the universe is tryin' to tell you something.

    • (Erica walks through the washroom door and suddenly finds herself in session)
      Erica: Oh! (stammers) Okay. I'm … I'm confused.
      Dr. Tom: And why is that?
      Erica: Well, I … I mean, having dinner with Ryan, it's … as a friend. I mean, that hardly merits a session.
      Rebecca: Playing with fire.
      Camilla: Always with the drama, Rebecca?
      Rebecca: Sorry, I don't believe you can be friends with an ex.
      Camilla: They're having dinner, not sleeping together.
      Erica: Exactly.
      Rebecca: Now that I would understand. You still find him hot, don't you? Don't lie, you wanna jump his bones.

    • Erica: Look, no offense to anyone, but I don't think that you get it.
      Camilla: Oh, I get it, Erica. The last time I broke up with someone I cried for a month. A one-night-stand's not gonna solve anything.
      Erica: No, it's-it's more than that, okay? I mean, it's bigger than that. It's … Ethan, he was my best friend … and my boyfriend. He was … he was the person that I would talk to, the person that understood me the best, and …
      Darryl: He broke your heart.
      Erica: No. No, I broke my own heart - and his, so … I just have to live with that.

    • (Erica returns to Goblins after the session - through a different door)
      Ivan (startled): AH! You were just … I just saw you go into the … washroom.
      Erica: Are you feeling okay?
      Ivan: What …? Yeah …

    • Erica: Hey, like, can I-can I ask if … Did I do something wrong?
      Ryan: No.
      Erica (disbelieving): Really?
      Ryan: You didn't do anything. I just think this was a mistake for both of us.
      Erica: Okay, look, I don't read minds. What's … what's going on?
      Ryan: You just broke up with Ethan … and now you're here with me.
      Erica: Yeah. We're, you know, we're having dinner - as friends.
      Ryan: I'm not your friend, I'm a distraction.
      Erica: Oh, my God, Ryan, you're not. I just-I wanted to catch up.
      Ryan: You wanted to feel wanted.
      Erica: Ryan, I'm … I'm a little lost right now. And, uh, I'm sorry.
      Ryan: It's okay. It was really good to see you. I just-I don't think that you're ready for this - and neither am I.

    • Michael: Erica, come on. Ethan doesn't wanna see you. You know that.
      Erica: I know that he's upset and he needs his space, but, I just- I really need to talk to him.
      Michael: Are you listening to what I'm saying?
      Erica: Ethan, he has been my best friend for over a decade, and this-this silence that is between us, it's not working.
      Michael: Yeah, for you. Guess what, Erica? It's not about you, alright? It's about him - because right now he's in hell, and you put him there.

    • (unable to sleep, Erika heads to the gym at 11 pm)
      Chris: You couldn't sleep, huh?
      Erica: How did you know?
      Chris: Well, when you work here long enough, you tend to figure these things out.
      Erica: Ah, it's just-it's like my brain won't stop, you know? It's … the same thoughts over and over and …
      Chris: Yeah, I've been there.
      Erica: Hmm. Do you have a juice for that? Something like, what? What is it, uh, Ginkgo Biloba?
      Chris: Ginkgo's for memory.
      Erica: Oh, right.
      Chris: And what it sounds like you really need is to get outta your brain … and into your body.
      Erica: Hmm … Well, then I guess I came to the right place.

    • (leaving Chris "up" in the air, Erica walks out and finds the group - in pajamas)
      Erica: Well, I, uh, I didn't think that it could get more awkward than that, but … apparently it can.

    • (Dr. Tom visits Claire's bachelorette party dressed as a policeman)
      Women (cheering): Oh! Stripper!
      Erica (smiling with gritted teeth): Please don't tell me that-that you're gonna take those off.
      Dr. Tom: Ladies, there have been some complaints. Volume. Down, please.

    • (Claire gets a phone call at the club where the bachelorette party has moved to)
      Erica: Was that Ethan?
      Claire: Yeah, he worries.
      Erica: Oh, but did you tell him that, you know, you're safe with the drag queens?
      Claire: Are you kidding? That would just stress him out even more. You know, he wouldn't last five minutes in here.
      Erica (mimicking Ethan): "Claire, this is outside of my comfort zone."
      Claire (laughs): That's pretty good. Oh, Ethan, so conservative!
      Erica: He likes things familiar.
      Claire: Yeah. He's dependable, stable, consistent … all the things that I'm not.

    • Claire: You know, I'm adventurous when it comes to everything - food, travel … sex.
      Erica (grinning): Hmm?
      Claire: Ethan's more like the … the meat-and-potatoes kinda guy.
      Erica: Mm-hmm.
      Claire: Opposites attract, but …
      Erica: They can also divide.
      Claire: But then whenever we break up, I just couldn't handle it. And it's like, people break up all the time, but when it happens to you …
      Erica: Oh, I know, it's agony.
      Claire: Yeah! Yeah, and it's like … if this relationship isn't right for me, then why is breaking up so painful?

    • Dr. Tom: Now, you see, Claire thought that by marrying Ethan, she could avoid the pain. Of course, all she ended up doing was delaying it. I mean, she suffered through years of marriage and a difficult divorce, rather than do the one thing that she should have done - the one thing that you have to do.
      Erica: Which is?
      Dr. Tom: Nothing. (Erica scoffs) What?
      Erica: Oh, come on! I'm running around like a crazy woman. I mean, I'm crank calling Ethan, I'm seducing juice guys and all I had to do was nothing? I mean, come on, that sounds a little bit easy.
      Dr. Tom: No, Erica, it's not easy at all. No. You hurt … and you hurt, and you live with it, and you sit in it … and you suffer - until … it stops, until time takes it away.

    • (Samantha tells Lenin that she got the job)
      Lenin: So, I guess that means I'll be seein' a lot more of you.
      Samantha: Yeah, you will. I didn't get your name.
      Lenin: Lenin. (Sam tries not to react) Communist parents.
      Samantha: Hey, at least it wasn't Stalin.
      Lenin: Whoa, whoa. You know, if this surgeon thing doesn't work out? Stand-up comedian.

    • Erica: Sometimes the only way to move forward is to stop moving, to stand still - and to decide that no matter what happens, no matter how much it hurts, you're exactly where you want to be.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      U.S. : February 2, 2011 on SOAPnet
      U.K. : April 17, 2011 on E4/E4 HD

  • Allusions

    • Ivan: … as gay as Adam Lambert at a Miley Cyrus mall tour.

      Referring to a patron's gayness, Ivan alludes to Adam Lambert - the openly gay pop artist who was the Season Eight runner-up on American Idol (it has been speculated that he would've won if not for his open homosexuality) - and Miley Cyrus, who has gone out of her way to support gays while engaging in highly publicized, supposedly faux, same sex kisses. After announcing on twitter that she believed in gay marriage, she got so much hate mail that she deleted the account. Later, before a live performance of the song "My Heart Beats for Love", she was quoted as saying "I wrote this for my gay fans."