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  • So inspireing and wonderful!

    This show inspired me so much, and its just really smart about life. Few shows has affected me the way this one did! Pluss its really enjoyable. I absolutely love it. I recomend it to anyone who is looking for something smart, sweet, interesting and a little differen who will make you really think.
  • This show will always have a place in my heart.

    Made me think about life in a different way, 100% worth watching!
  • So fresh!

    It was a small show without big expectation, but for me it was an amazing show which gave some freshness to my TV listing . I have followed the progression of Erica in the discovery of herself for 4 season with a optimistic view on Life.

    You will love it
  • An amazing show about self-discovery

    I loved this show and I'm so sad that it ended. It was both funny and poignant and Erica's and Dr Tom's inspirational quotations were always clever and right on the spot. I guess anyone needs a Dr Tom in their life (I definitely would!).

    Erin Karpluck is a wonderful actress and was the right choice for playing Erica. I also loved the Toronto setting, the Canadians have come a long way - two of my favourite shows (Being Erica and Flashpoint) are set and produced in Toronto!

    This is a must-watch series!
  • If the CBC could go back in time, they should pass on this pitch. Nothing would change in present time - their network still wouldn't be watched.

    I wanted to like this show. I was a fan of Erin Karpluk from Godiva's and the premise intrigued me. After a promising premise, however, it now continues to miss the mark. I was hoping for a light comedy but instead it has turned into this earnest drama. It looks good, they have some great songs but for such a fresh idea, it really comes across stale. It borrows too much from cliches (breaking your heel, having somebody steal your cab) and never seems to want to have fun with itself. Is Erica never surprised or baffled when her doctor shows up? Who is he? If this happened to me I'd be asking some questions. I suppose it's the writer's right not to explore this angle, but I wish they would.

    Too many of the characters are one note. The witchy editor - does anyone really want an espresso that bad? Her old professor seemed to belong on another show.

    I know it's annoying to knock a show on a forum where most people love it, so I won't make a nuisance of myself and I'll leave it at this.
  • AH-MAY-ZING!!!! Love-love-love it!!!!

    I find this show enlightening. We all have regrets and if we could go back, I'm sure it would be just as terrifying and exciting as it is for Erica. It would be crazy wonderful if this were the case, I would like to be a doctor and help out other peeps. To help them see the big picture, and that behind every regret another chance to do it right or at least accept the outcome of said regret. And, meeting other people on that path of spiritual growth, just an added bonus! I'm reading behind the scenes, and for those who aren't sure about this show just watch a few episodes and tell me what you think then. :) :) :)
  • Great show about discovering oneself

    **Spoilers Ahead**
    First of all, I have to say that I started watching this show because of Tyron Leitso. I have been a fan since the quirky and hilarious Wonderfalls. I am glad that I did because I am now also a fan of Erin Karpluk. She is wonderful as the 30-something, stuck-in-a-rut Erica. Although gimmicky, I love the fact that each episode explores one of Erica's regrets and how it parallels a current predicament.

    Season 1 was pretty amusing. The sexual tension between Erica and Ethan was certainly a drawing factor and there is a crowd-pleasing resolution at the end of the season:)

    Season 2 introduced another character in fellow time-traveler/patient Kai. This added an interesting twist to what we had grown to expect in season 1. The season focused more on Erica and her growing relationship with Kai, unfortunately at the expense of Ethan.

    There are more changes in season 3. So far I am loving it. Adam, a potential new love interest;), and phase 2 of therapy add interesting dynamics to the show. I also love the evolving relationship between Julianne and Erica. However, I must say I miss Ethan :(
  • Back to the past...

    This show is very cute, fast moving and fairly good. I didn't really expect much from a sopanet production but when I saw the first two seasons online I thought I'd give it a go. Its very cute and the premise moves beyond its original gimmicky nature. All in all its a cute show but some of the characters are very bland. Her best friend and Leo could not be so boring, they have no interest and just are there to respond to her lines. The flashbacks are the best part because they offer a very whimsical approach to life bring in a lot of questions and humor.
    Cute show, but most certainly not the best thing that you'll ever watch.
  • Erica Strange is not where she expected her life to be at thirty-two. She meets Dr. Tom who helps her to face some the regrets she has in life.

    Being Erica is a very interesting concept for a show. If we could go back to the past with the clarity and maturity of the present to correct some of the mistakes we made, how would it change out future? Erica finds that even when she faces her regrets head on, other mistakes can be made. To help her negotiate the mysteries of life, she meets Dr. Tom. In their sessions, he attempts to give her greater insight into the choices she has made, past and present. Erica begins to see the people in her life in a different light. I look forward to see if the journey Erica takes, gives us an understanding and appreciation of our own lives.
  • Quality television at its best.

    'Being Erica' is one of a few TV shows which just makes me feel good. I love that this show is about lovable people and their back to earth problems, and even more I like the show because it is so damn good. No violence, no shooting, just a lovable Erica and her struggles to come to terms with herself.
    Erin who plays Erica on the show is simply awesome. She plays Erica so well that makes me really believe that she IS Erica. I just could not help myself but fall in love with the show. And Dr Tom! Love him :)
    Hopefully the show will be on for a while as it is an experience and of a kind you want to enjoy.
    Hopefully it will be back for 3rd season soon.
  • A great show that takes my two favorite things time travel and drama and puts them together.Something i didn't think would ever be done.Not to mention aired on soap network.Funny right.

    Spoiler alert.Erica strange is the type of person in the begining who has nothing going for her.She screws everything up or worse. So on what seems like one of the worst days of her life she ends up meeting a Dr.Tom her new physiatrist who has a strange way of doing his sessions.By having her write up all her past mistakes.So what does Dr.Tom do sends her back in time to try to settle everything.She goes through alot on the list this season including the hardest grief not only she had but her mom,dad and sister the death of her brother Leo.So all in all the first season was great especially the episode where she becomes a hippie and gets messed up my shrooms.To anyone who hasn't seen the first one check out hulu they have the first season thanks thats how i finished the season and i can't wait see more of the second season all i've seen is the first which was great.So lets hope for much more great episodes and a third season please...
  • Hmmm...

    This is actually a well written show and Erin Karpiuk is excellent in the role of Erica Strange; the time travelling, guilt ridden, thirty something woman with low self esteem.

    The problem with the series, from my perspective, is that week after week, the show is about a time travelling, guilt ridden, thirty something woman with low self esteem.

    I get the point. We all have things we'd do differently if we knew then what we know now. I choose to accept my mistakes, cringe every now and then when I think about them and be glad its behind me...hoping at the same time I'm a better person.

    Despite all her "lessons", Erica is still full of remorse about everything, and except for the last five minutes of every episode where all seems right with her world, she is in fact a major fubar.

    Its a bit of a downer...very little "edy" in this dramedy, and I find it wearing despite the good acting.

    Just me I guess...
  • Sweet show that looks at the what if's of the title characters life - and she gets to go back in time and change things.

    The main character, Erica, is endearing and you can completely relate to her. I've watched a few episodes now and really like the show; in the first epi Erica is having a bad day and is trying to deal with her own dissapointment with how her life turned out. She was so promissing in high school and she is afraid she peaked back then and that this is a good as it gets. Then she meets Dr. Tom, who helps her by sending her back in time to deal with her regrets or "what if's" and each epi deals with a different regret in her past. Sometimes she ends up making a completely different decision, thus solving her regret but sometimes she ends up making he same decision which makes her see that she needs to trust herself.
    Erin Karpluk is really believable as Erica, the girl who has it all, she really is great in this role and the whole supporting cast is great and points for everyone involved in this show for helping creating such an authentic feel when Erica travels back in time.
  • The best thing to fill the ABC void.

    So it's obvious that shows with new ideas and story lines we haven't seen before don't last too long right now. ABC killed off Pushing Daisies (brilliant show) Eli Stone, and Life on Mars and Ugly Betty was close to getting the axe. Then from our friends to the north comes a great show to fill the gap.

    Being Erica has it all; drama, comedy and a touch of the unexplained "supernatural." You may not spend an hour laughing out loud, as the humor is more subtle and intelligent, but you'll definitely have a smile on your face from beginning to end.

    Give it a try and you'll fall in love too.
  • This is an awesome show about a girl named Erica Strange and she relieves past events in her life bad or good. She meets Dr. Tom who helps her relieve moments like recently the last time she hang with her bother and sister!

    I like this show because Erin Karpuk is an awesome actress she really suites the character Erica Strange. I like this show because it's not a show about a pretty brunette sleeping with many men like current soaps today. It has drama, romance, and some comedy i think overall it's a pretty superb show. And every time you watch a new episode it gets more interesting.The show has many funny parts like when Erica remembers when she was in highs school and she had to share a kiss with one of her best friends and it was awkward so it ended up in a disaster it was pretty funny. If you like a good drama/romance/comedy Being Erica is the show for you so check it out.
  • Have you ever thought that your life could have been better if you could have changed an event in your past, well Erica is such a person who is given the opportunity to change her future.

    Erica is a 32 year old woman which although has an exceptional education, is smart and well adapted doesn't seem to get a hang of her life. She loses her job, gets dumped, and has a lot of regrets in her life, proving to us that life isn't as simple or as beautiful as we imagine it. A mysterious therapist comes to her called Dr. Tod and promises her that he will help her with her problem if she only makes a commitment to the therapy which although is unconventional is promised to get results. The therapy consists of time travel back to the time when she did something that she regrets, trying to fix the problem and change her life. Although her events are changed, her life seems to be the same, showing us that a change of events does not ultimately change our life, helping us accept our current situation. The story is also filled with humor and real life stories that you can relate with, keeping you wanting more. I really think that this show has what it takes to have a long run.
  • Erica Strange is faced with being in her early thirties, no job, and nothing on the horizon. Looking back, with the help of a mystic man, she realizes all the poor decisions she has made and is given the opportunity to change them with hilarious outcomes.

    Excellent. It's a well written and well thought out show. Erin Karpluk is believable and lovable, as is the rest of the cast. She is the new up and coming star that will wow you with her talent and her appeal. I loved it and the idea of going back in time to change poor decisions. Just think if we all had the chance. It gave me a great feeling watching the first episode. I loved the camera work, the humour, and the retro vibe to the "back in time" feeling it had. Bravo to the entire cast and crew. I look forward to the next episode and hopefully many more to come in the future. We are Canadian, and proud of it.
  • Good show. Light comedy. Good to relax.

    Erica is a fresh character. Easy to be sympathetic whit. The plot is a common story of a young adult who tries to be successful in life but as to face the family disappointment as well as her own. The mysterious doctor and the travel trough time gives it the sence of adventure. I will definitely be watching it. I hoop it doesn't stop here as many shows I liked. It´s not hilarious but is good to relax at the end of the day. Lets wait to see the development of the character. One episode only give us a glance of the show.