Being Erica

Monday 9:00 PM on CBC Premiered Jan 05, 2009 In Season


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  • Have you ever thought that your life could have been better if you could have changed an event in your past, well Erica is such a person who is given the opportunity to change her future.

    Erica is a 32 year old woman which although has an exceptional education, is smart and well adapted doesn't seem to get a hang of her life. She loses her job, gets dumped, and has a lot of regrets in her life, proving to us that life isn't as simple or as beautiful as we imagine it. A mysterious therapist comes to her called Dr. Tod and promises her that he will help her with her problem if she only makes a commitment to the therapy which although is unconventional is promised to get results. The therapy consists of time travel back to the time when she did something that she regrets, trying to fix the problem and change her life. Although her events are changed, her life seems to be the same, showing us that a change of events does not ultimately change our life, helping us accept our current situation. The story is also filled with humor and real life stories that you can relate with, keeping you wanting more. I really think that this show has what it takes to have a long run.