Being Erica

Monday 9:00 PM on CBC Premiered Jan 05, 2009 In Season


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  • If the CBC could go back in time, they should pass on this pitch. Nothing would change in present time - their network still wouldn't be watched.

    I wanted to like this show. I was a fan of Erin Karpluk from Godiva's and the premise intrigued me. After a promising premise, however, it now continues to miss the mark. I was hoping for a light comedy but instead it has turned into this earnest drama. It looks good, they have some great songs but for such a fresh idea, it really comes across stale. It borrows too much from cliches (breaking your heel, having somebody steal your cab) and never seems to want to have fun with itself. Is Erica never surprised or baffled when her doctor shows up? Who is he? If this happened to me I'd be asking some questions. I suppose it's the writer's right not to explore this angle, but I wish they would.

    Too many of the characters are one note. The witchy editor - does anyone really want an espresso that bad? Her old professor seemed to belong on another show.

    I know it's annoying to knock a show on a forum where most people love it, so I won't make a nuisance of myself and I'll leave it at this.