Being Erica

Monday 9:00 PM on CBC Premiered Jan 05, 2009 In Season


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  • Sweet show that looks at the what if's of the title characters life - and she gets to go back in time and change things.

    The main character, Erica, is endearing and you can completely relate to her. I've watched a few episodes now and really like the show; in the first epi Erica is having a bad day and is trying to deal with her own dissapointment with how her life turned out. She was so promissing in high school and she is afraid she peaked back then and that this is a good as it gets. Then she meets Dr. Tom, who helps her by sending her back in time to deal with her regrets or "what if's" and each epi deals with a different regret in her past. Sometimes she ends up making a completely different decision, thus solving her regret but sometimes she ends up making he same decision which makes her see that she needs to trust herself.
    Erin Karpluk is really believable as Erica, the girl who has it all, she really is great in this role and the whole supporting cast is great and points for everyone involved in this show for helping creating such an authentic feel when Erica travels back in time.
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