Being Erica

Monday 9:00 PM on CBC Premiered Jan 05, 2009 In Season


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  • A great show that takes my two favorite things time travel and drama and puts them together.Something i didn't think would ever be done.Not to mention aired on soap network.Funny right.

    Spoiler alert.Erica strange is the type of person in the begining who has nothing going for her.She screws everything up or worse. So on what seems like one of the worst days of her life she ends up meeting a Dr.Tom her new physiatrist who has a strange way of doing his sessions.By having her write up all her past mistakes.So what does Dr.Tom do sends her back in time to try to settle everything.She goes through alot on the list this season including the hardest grief not only she had but her mom,dad and sister the death of her brother Leo.So all in all the first season was great especially the episode where she becomes a hippie and gets messed up my shrooms.To anyone who hasn't seen the first one check out hulu they have the first season thanks thats how i finished the season and i can't wait see more of the second season all i've seen is the first which was great.So lets hope for much more great episodes and a third season please...
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