Being Erica

Season 1 Episode 11

She's Lost Control

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on CBC

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  • Fantastic episode!

    I absolutely LOVED this episode. I was waiting for an episode that was all about Ethan and Erica. I really like them together.
    So this time Erica could add a regret to the list; kissing Ethan. She went back to change it, but that failed. They kissed anyway. I liked it how the kiss was changed, cause I got the feeling that this kiss was more real. Ethan had thougt about it, so it wasn't just a kiss in the heat of the moment. So what I don't understand is why Ethan went back to Claire after the 'new' kiss. It was more a kiss that before, so I didn't really understand that.. But anyways, great episode