Being Erica

Season 3 Episode 1

The Rabbit Hole

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2010 on CBC

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  • Just Amazing

    This show is so amazing, it can pull off this kind of plot. "Group Therapy", its gonna mark difference within this show, but ya know what, it went well in this episode, we'll see how it goes the rest of the season. I really like Adaam's conflict and how his attitude clashes with Erica's. It really shows some dynamic between the two.

    This going back in time in teams is just interesting, the whole premise of Phase 2. What is Dr.Naaddiah's deal? She's been obsessed with having Erica as her patient since season 2. Overall, Erica's back.... at Being Erica
  • Yay, Erica is back to, well...Being Erica.

    At one point all the forums for this show were saying not to count on a third season. I found one of the producers on facebook and asked her, she confided in me that it was indeed picked up. Gotta love the interwebs. After such a major cliffhanger as the whole "choosing a door" debacle, I'm glad it got back on it's feet. Erin Karpluk was missed in her absence, and here we are, where we left off. Off we go through the rabbit hole, aka green door. Interesting new plot twists, like the group therapy/Phase 2 and the new company with Julianne. (It still kinda annoys me when she calls her "chicken", but I guess it's a term of endearment we're stuck with.) This show is entertaining, but also there are some moral dilemmas that help the viewers to reevaluate their own current situations from a broader "bigger picture" perspective. Not a bad legacy. Go on with your bad self, Erica.