Being Erica

Season 3 Episode 1

The Rabbit Hole

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2010 on CBC



  • Quotes

    • Adam: You say you're excited?
      Erica: Yeah.
      Adam: I don't believe it … 'cause actually you look upset and defensive. And check out your arms, they're all … closed up. You look like you're hidin' somethin'.
      Erica: Well, I'm not hiding anything. I'm fine, I'm just … (stammers) a little bit nervous, maybe, but that's normal given the circumstances.
      Adam: Nerves, sure, yeah, but that's not what I mean. It's like you're telling us what you think we want to hear.
      Erica: It really just feels to me like you're picking on me.
      Adam: I'm not, Erica … and I'm not judgin' you either. I'm just asking you to be honest.
      Erica: And why would I lie?
      Adam: Well, being a hundred percent honest in a room full of strangers is really hard.
      Erica (hesitates and sighs): I don't really know what … you want me to say.