Being Erica

Season 1 Episode 8

This Be The Verse

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2009 on CBC



  • Quotes

    • Erica: And she knew … all along. I mean … how is that possible?
      Dr. Tom: People surprise you.
      Erica: No, but these aren't people, they're my parents. And my dad … that's not my dad. He's not impulsive or … uh, underhanded.
      Dr. Tom: No?
      Erica: He's not, I know my dad, and it's always my mom that's been more like that.
      Dr. Tom: Apparently not in this case.
      Erica: Why would she cover for him?
      Dr. Tom: Maybe, you don't know your parents as well as you think you do.
      Erica: Maybe, maybe I don't know them at all.
      Dr. Tom: Maybe that's something you might wanna work on.