Being Eve

TV3 (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Being True
      Being True
      Episode 13
      Just when Eve thinks things are starting to workout for her and Sam, Imogin returns from Japan and wants to pick up with Sam where they left off by having him take her to the school ball. Eve is saddened by this and decides not to attend the dance by herself, but her dad talks her into going. Meanwhile, Imogin is having an awful time at the dance and wants to leave just as Eve arrives. Sam tells Imogin to get lost and askes Eve to dance. She says no and is about to leave, as Sam announces to the whole school that he likes her.moreless
    • Being Tested
      Being Tested
      Episode 12
      Sam and Eve start to hang out together and they become good friends. Eve forgets to study for a test, so she and Sam spend the night together studying.
    • Being At War
      Being At War
      Episode 11
      Mr. Inglewood organizes a game of paintball, but Eve sticks to her ani-war convictions and refuses to participate. When Sam begins bragging about how his class trashed her class in the game, Eve changes her mind and takes him on.
    • Being Obsessed
      Being Obsessed
      Episode 10
      Eve dreams that she is on the Titanic with Sam, not suprising as Sylvie is totally obsessed with it. She wakes up and saids she doesn't like Sam in that way. The dreams keep happening and in the end Eve just tells Sam the truth. The dreams finally end. Also her father has to put up with Mitsi, his clint, who has fallen for him even if he is married and Slyvie is desperate to find a date by stealing Charlotte's love potion out of her locker that she got from the internet.moreless
    • Being Upstaged
      Being Upstaged
      Episode 9
      Eve's Literature class does a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Eve tries to get the job of the director, but at the last minute fumbles. Instead, Sam gets the job, and Eve is his assistant. Sylvie wants the part of Hermia, but can't act. But Sylvie's fear of spiders gives her the motivation she needed when Caleb's pet tarantula gets loose. This causes Caleb to think he's in love with Sylvie. Somehow though, Charlotte gets the part of Hermia and Sylvie winds up with the part of Helena. Sam and Eve have troubles getting them to stop fighting. The person playing Demetreis gets injured, and can't play his part, so Sam must fill in for him. Eve winds up pushing a stage-frightened Sam on stage just in time for his line. Eve gets upset because no one thanks her for her help. She yells at Sam, Sam later comes into her room with a boquet of flowers for Eve. They even share a kiss. But all is not as it seems, for the episode ends with Eve saying the line, "'He actually(reads the card on the flowers, says 'To Sam, with love, Imogen')... GAVE ME HAND-ME-DOWN FLOWERS!'"moreless
    • Being Reborn
      Being Reborn
      Episode 8
      Sylvie and Eve are shopping and Sylvie is helping Eve pick out clothes when Eve finds a really cute top that she really wants. Sylvie talks her out of it because it's too expensive but as soon as Eve turns around, it go on sale and Sylvie buys it without telling her. As Sylvie is walking home she nearly gets hit by an ice cream truck and decides it's a sign for her to become a better person. She confesses to Eve about the top and vows to be nicer. She takes on a job as Sam's helper to show she's changing and learns about a group for being self-less. She decides to join and Eve slowly becomes ok with it even though she thinks it's weird. But then Sylvie decides that she has to stop being friends with Eve in the process and Eve decides to take action. She shows Sylvie that the group is not for her and that the leader of the group is a fraud. She does so by pulling the guys pants down and showing he did not relieve himself of his selfish possesions because he's wearing Calvin Klein boxers. The group ends up throwing him in the pool. The show ends when Sylvie is chasing Charlotte and her friends at the mall trying to get back her clothes that she gave away when she was shedding her selfish possesions.moreless
    • Being a Winner
      Being a Winner
      Episode 7
      Sam and Imogen are now dating and Eve's not talking to Sylvie because of the whole birthday accident. Sylvie knows Eve is trying to avoid her and follows Eve into the boys bathroom where she tries to confront her. Suddenly, a boy runs in yelling how the headmaster is coming and another boy throws Sylvie a zipl-lock bag before running off. When the headmaster comes in, she sees Sylvie holding the bag and takes her away. The bag turns out to be Marijuana and Sylvie gets expelled. Imogen won't help Sylvie beacuse there's a contest going on at school that will send one student to Japan to go a one of the best schools. Eve is also in the contest and when Matt tries to get her to help protest against Sylvie's punishment, Eve doesn't want to because it will make her look bad to the judges. Finally, Eve realizes that friendship is more important than winning the contest and on the day she is supposed to give her speech, she protests against Sylvie being expelled in front of everyone in the auditorium. In the end, Imogen wins the contest and Eve and Sylvie become friends again.moreless
    • Being Grown Up
      Being Grown Up
      Episode 6
      Eve is turning 16 years old. Ned leaves the Baxter house, to live on his own. Eves grandpa comes and lives with them. Allana can't stand him. She tells ned to come back, he does. Mean while eve and her friends have birthday plans to go out that night. They are forces to have dinnere at eves house with her crazy grandpa. Eve finds out that sylvie and this other girl are going to a over 18 club. She wants to go. So she dresses up in the top that is supose to bring out the woman in her. Everyone but eve gets in cause Eve says she is 16 not 18. She gets a ride home. At the end Eve is mad at sylvie and says that their friendship is over.moreless
    • Being Individual
      Being Individual
      Episode 5
      As Eve sruggles to increase people's interest in the Science Club, Imogen froms a cherrleading squad. Cheer fever races through Eden Heights High School, as everyone wants to be cheerleaders, including Matt ans Silvy. This leaves Eve alone with her map of New Zealand made of mold. Then, the arrival of a new science teacher shows Eve that being individual isn't so bad, but the cheerleading bug bites her too, and Eve is persueded by Imogen to become co-captain. After Eve is forced to place Silvy in the "alternate" spot, Eve realized she'd rather be an individual and withdraws from the squad, leaving Silvy to sub for her. Yet, all's well that ends well and with the new science teacher being rather attractive, the male membership of the Science Club skyrockets.moreless
    • Being Alien
      Being Alien
      Episode 4
      When Sylvie's parents alllow her cousin to come and live with them, Sylvie is afraid that she will have to give up all her stuff for Imogen. When Imogen finally arrvies than Sylvie changes her mind immediately. Imogen is just like Sylvie, into fashion and into boys. The opposite of Eve. When Sylvie introduces Eve to Imogen things do not go to what Eve thought they would. She hates Imogen and thinks that she is stuck up and stop flirting with guys to make them do stuff for her. When Sylvie is forced to choose between her cousin and her best friend it is up to Eve to make it better. She tries harder but it only makes it worse. In the end Eve is happy with her individuality and ends up not wanting to actually have Imogen like her.moreless
    • Being Famous
      Being Famous
      Episode 3
      Sam tapes skits done by his fellow classmates and airs them on TV. When it's Sylvie's turn to shine, she turns to Eve for help and has Eve write her script for her. Eve has a dream that she and Sylvie will be famous together. Slyvie becuase of her acting and Eve because she writes everything. But when Sylvie does great and takes all the credit, Eve gets angry and pretends she's too busy to write anymore for Sylvie. She then decides to do her own skit. But when she gets the chance, she gets camera fright and ends up goofing up the skit over and over again. Sam says he will only show the good parts on TV and Eve believes him. When her skit shows up on TV, Sam turns it into a blooper skit and humiliates her.moreless
    • Being History
      Being History
      Episode 2
      Eve is angry with Sam who she shared her first kiss with denies that it ever happened.
    • Being Heartbroken
      Eve is devastated when Adam is forced to break up with her because he has to move far away to live with his father. She takes on all these extracurricular to keep herself busy and attempts to clear her mind of Adam. Trying to balance all these things out proves to be overwhelming for Eve as her thoughts of her relationship with Adam spills into her school work and daily life. The stress results in her receiving a "D" on her class movie review paper of "Gone With the Wind" where she bad mouths the characters of the movie because of the romantic and break up parts of the story that she connects with her personal pain over her own breakup. Mr. Inglewood understands what Eve is going through and gives he another chance to revise the paper. Sylvie becomes worried about her friend and tries to help her realize that she is having a hard time dealing and is heartbroken over the breakup with Adam, but Eve does not want to believe that. So Sylvie decides to take action by swearing off hooking up with any boys for two weeks. This will give Eve the time to cope and not be uncomfortable around other people close to her being in relationships, but this proves to be a problem for Sylvie when she falls for a boy named Henry that Matt says is also interested in her. Meanwhile, Eve begins to feel even more down in the dumps when she receives a package from Adam returning a pair of socks that he had borrowed from her. This new reminder of Adam piles up another load of stress in her life as she becomes more miserable than ever. Thoughts of Adam take over her mind as she begins to hallucinate seeing him everywhere where she goes. Eve attempts to seek help from her mother who doesn't seem to understand what her daughter is going through. She can't turn to her friend because Sylvie is busy dealing with her own problems over Henry. Whom she had made wait so long to ask her out because of her no boys for two weeks pact, that he has decided to move on by going out with one of Charlotte's friend, Melanie. So a confused and exhausted Eve turns to Alannah, her step mother who was the last person that she thought she would have sought help from. Alannah who has gone through and dealt with break ups herself spends the afternoon together with Eve having fun and helping her confront the pain that she is feeling over Adam instead of burying those emotions deep inside. A newly rejuvenated Eve is finally able to write and turn in her paper, which receives an "A." After going through all this, Eve realizes that Adam will always hold a special place in her heart as her first love.moreless
  • Season 1