Being Human

Season 1 Episode 8

Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2011 on Syfy
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Josh struggles to keep an equilibrium between his human self and his supernatural self, and Sally has am epiphany regarding her situation. Aidan befriends a neighbour's boy.

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  • Trying to fit in

    I like when Aiden forms a relationship with the boy that was getting bullied with two kids. Shows how a great dad he was and how he love kids, sad how much loss there is in this series. Sally trying to move on by going back to hospital was a sweet touch when she wrote her name on the wall. I just hope Sally is not done with her ex fiance he was practically laughing at her how she die. I know in real life you can't do anything about it, but at least make it in this show that you can it will be a huge relief. I wish Josh was more supportive for Aiden instead of always snapping at him but I guess that what you do when your werewolf can really control your emotions. Aiden has been there for Sally and Josh and helped them out more way than I can count, clearly I see who the den leader is because no one thinks so say," Hey Aiden I see you going through some stuff let me help you out".moreless
  • Aidan bonds with a young neighbor, Josh releases his "inner wolf", and Sally mopes.....

    Actually, props to Sally for 1) watching Josh transform without completely freaking out, and 2) walking into the hall of scary poltergeists without bolting (2x). The episode would have been mundane if not for Josh's continuing courtship of Nora the nurse. After mustering the courage to ask her out, he becomes afraid when he hears himself growling during a make-out session. Props to Nora for giving Josh a second chance - and this time, he "lets the dog out", when they finally have sex. In this episode, I realized being a werewolf means you can never have a normal relationship, unless you find a really understanding mate. Aidan, meanwhile, meets, protects, and spends time with the boy across the street, only to have their friendship cut short by a disastrous mistake. Being Human ain't as easy as one might think.moreless
  • Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things

    Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things was a really great and interesting episode of Being Human. This episode really explores being human and being alive in the world. There were a lot of questions asked and some answers. There was a good mix of story lines which were very entertaining. It was cool to see Josh score another date and get animalistic. Aiden was trying to be a good neighbour when his young friend finds a forbidden disc. There was drama, action, and humor which made the episode fun to watch. I look forward to watching the next episode of Being Human!!!!!moreless
  • A great blend of old and new

    Best episode of the series so far for me. As a massive fan of the original series, what I love most about this show is seeing how the stories and scenes from the British show have been adapted, and this hour comes out top of the heap.

    All the characters have decent stories this week. Aidan's is lifted straight from the fourth episode of the original, where he befriends a bullied kid named Bernie. This story is so close to the original it's untrue - the kid even has the same name! Unlike some reviewers, I absolutely love it when they do this. I'm really impressed they used this story, as I wasn't sure how it would go down in America. I'm still not sure they'll go through with the full paedo panic, but I guess we'll see next week.

    Sally finally gets to do something other than obsess about Danny, and it's great to see. The message wall wasn't done in the original, but I really liked the idea - along with those miserable ghosts in their slippers and dressing gowns. Good stuff!

    And finally we get to see Josh transform in the house! This happened in the first episode of the British version, and I've been waiting for it here ever since. His scenes with Nora are also very true to the original, including his 'doggy style' session on the night of the full moon. Teehee!

    The transformation itself was a little disappointing, not least because Josh turned into a bulldog rather than a wolf! Syfy need to borrow the excellent animatronics from the original. It was great to see Sam H naked though; he is by far the fittest bloke on the show.

    All in all, an excellent mix of new and old, and I look forward to the next instalment.moreless
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Kathleen Fee

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    • Sally: (to Josh, who's getting ready for a date) OK, how's your breath?
      Josh: (breathes)
      Sally: (sniffs, pauses) I don't have the sense of smell anymore.
      Josh: (sighs, then breathes towards Aidan)
      Aidan: (sniffs) I gotta be honest, it just smells like dog to me...
      Josh: (opens his arms with frustration)
      Aidan: ... But I'm sure it's minty fresh!

    • Bernie: Aidan saved me from getting my ass stomped again.
      Cindy: (reproachfully) Language...
      Bernie: I'm sorry! There's really no other way to describe it.
      Aidan: I was happy to do it, really.
      Cindy: Well, thank you. If I can ever return the favour...
      Aidan: Oh, I promise to call you if anyone picks on me.

    • Bernie: This is fun!
      Aidan: Really, "Go Fish"? Bernie, your fun bar is set a little low.
      Bernie: Normally I'd just be watching TV and doing my homework...
      Aidan: Got any favourite subjects?
      Bernie: History! I'm doing a project on Paul Revere.
      Aidan: Oh, what a tool.

    • Sally: Just 'cause I'm dead doesn't mean I can't have a life.

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