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Being Human S04E12: "House Hunting"


Awesome happened, my friends. Awesome. I'm actually marginally sad that we didn't just dive right into the series finale this week, because "House Hunting," despite sagging a bit in the middle, brought it so hard, just the way the penultimate episode of a TV series ought to. 

But first, the saggy bits: 

I really don't care about these kids' problems anymore, so the in-depth psychological evaluations a la Ramona's manipulations didn't do much for me. Blah blah Josh struggles to control his inner-wolf. Blah blah Aidan inadvertently kills everyone he loves. These aren't new issues. At least Sally got to be all sassy and defiant for a little bit. Oh, and Nora's preggers! Who knew? (I think we all knew.)

Nora being with pup set off a whole mess of emotional trauma during her eval with Dr. Emily—Josh's drunken sister, or rather, Ramona's version of Josh's drunken sister. I feel like Nora and Sally both got the short end of the stick when it came to guest therapists in the crazy house. From the jump, those two should have been struck by the implausibility of their encounters, and to Sally's credit, she was. Nora's debate with "Emily" was tiresome. 

It's a credit (I guess) to Being Human's genre that two dead characters randomly showing up in the middle of the monster house seemed more likely than the appearance of live guests, and I'll admit that for a second there, I fell for the ruse with Henry. Sally and Aidan and their newfound lurve are in quite the predicament with only one episode left. Sure, they can shack up in an abandoned trailer for the time being and I'm sure it'll be very nice at first, but the fact is, she's dead and he's immortal-ish, and while both existences lend themselves to an indefinite extended "lifespan," they're not the same thing and Sally and Aidan currently can't even touch one another. I totally bought into the "Hey Aidan, kill yourself and be a ghost and haunt happily ever after with sexy Sally it'll be awesome!" plan because, well, Aidan kind of sucks (literally, figuratively, pretty much every interpretation of "sucks" that there is) at life right now and that ending seemed like the sort of twisted "win-win" Being Human would grant those two. 

But alas, the vampire afterlife is still pretty much the worst thing ever. Sally and Aidan are no closer to a solution, and in fact may be even further away from happily ever after given the whole mess of crazy that went down following the big reveal about just who and what Ramona is: a child sacrifice to one of Satan's besties who became the evil of the house personified. Knowing that she's been lurking in the walls of the house this entire time definitely casts Being Human's previous seasons in a different light. The endless deaths, the worst possible things happening at every opportunity; Aidan and Josh basically picked the worst possible site for their great "experiment."

The introduction of Ramona wasn't seamless, particularly with regard Sally and her own connection to the house and the question of why the secret room went undiscovered for so long, or even Aidan and his extensive experience with all manner of supernatural WTFery, even outside of vampirisim. But Ramona serves to (potentially) tie the series together in a neat package at a time when we absolutely needs it. I'm always nervous about series finales that weren't necessarily meant to be series finales—though it sounds like Being Human had some sort of warning despite the rest of us finding out, like, a month ago. It's just that Dark Angel burned me when I was teenager and I'm still really bitter about it. I crave completion. 

So uh, how 'bout that ending this week, huh? I was wondering when we were going to get to Sally's unfortunate vision of a future where Aidan snaps Josh's neck like a pencil in Saturday-morning detention. Now I'm wondering how we're going to clean up that mess and deal with all the other drama, with just one more episode set to air. SO SCARED. AND SO EXCITED. How about you? How you holding up? It's been a long and loony ride these past four seasons, but next week is it. See you there!


– Beatrice and Ramona. Aww. It was cute until it ended with a homicide. 

 Is Kenny for real dead, or was he just another one of Ramona's angst-o-visions? 

– Aidan killed Bishop, Kenny tried to kill Aidan. It's a "circle of life kind of thing." Vampires are so messed up. 

– Aidan loves the popcorn setting on the microwave because it reheats blood perfectly. I'm gonna miss these rando throwaway lines that make me laugh so hard. 

– And on that note, what's the most WTF thing you've ever tried to microwave? (Plz no hamster horror stories.) During the 2001 anthrax thing, my mom tried to de-anthrax the mail and set the kitchen on fire. Oooooops. 

– What are your predictions for next week's series finale? 

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