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Being Human S04E11: "Ramona the Pest"

The clock is ticking toward zero on Being Human's lifespan, so Papa Malik's insistence that the monster gang GTFO of his daughter's murder house was the perfect accompaniment for rampant relationship drama, a renewed vampires-versus-werewolves war, and a meddling new roommate named Ramona who was totally not the sweet little ghost girl she seemed to be. Inconveniently timed chaos and misery has pretty much been a staple of Being Human since the beginning, going as far back as the original U.K. series. Especially the original U.K. series. OMG don't make me relive those memories. 

You know what, though? At least one resident of the monster haus worked through some of his shit this week: Congrats, Josh, it only took four seasons to stop blaming your wolf for everything and reach an understanding with your inner canine—and what a pretty puppy he is! Aww. 

Unfortunately, Josh's reconciliation came a little too late to prevent him from slaughtering his newly minted werewolf militia, including Astrid. Kenny is so pissed, you guys. Kenny is so pissed and I really don't care. Kenny and Astrid just never grew on me. It's hard to get behind the stereotypically star-crossed lovers when literally every single couple on this show is star-crossed or doomed in some way. Even Sally and Aidan, who occasionally manage to make me giddy with their antics, haven't really grabbed me to the point that I consider their union a priority as Being Human enters the homestretch. Sure, I'd like to see them end up together or something, but if they don't—say, because Sally finally gets her friggin' door—then... well, I don't know. Which actually brings me to a troubling conundrum:

I don't think I have a particular stance on how I want Being Human to end. 

I want Nora and Josh to end up okay because that story's been going on forever and ever, and after being forced to spend so much time with their on-again-off-again irritating selves, we the audience deserve some kind of return on the investment. 

Other than that, I'm open. A lasting peace between werewolves and vampires due to Josh and Aidan managing to not kill each other (yet) would be nice; it would also essentially guarantee something resembling a happy ending for the gang if they manage to stay in the house beyond their weekend eviction date, which will probably happen somehow, if only because kicking everyone out and destroying the experiment/friendship (whatever we feel like calling it this week) is kind of a depressing note for Being Human to end on. 

That brings us to Sally. In theory, the ultimate happy ending for Sally would be for her door to appear so that she can move on and find peace, but in doing so, Sally would essentially disappear from the lives of her friends and family for good and for real. Given the confirmation we received this week that Aidan does harbor feelings for his ghostly would-be girlfriend, to grant Sally a permanent exit would yield the double-edged result of a happy ending for her, but a sucky ending for Aidan, and possibly a sucky ending for her anyway considering her feelings for Aidan. Granted, Aidan has been flirting with the idea of shuffling off his undead coil lately, but given the uncertainty of the vampire afterlife, that's not exactly a guaranteed Sally/Aidan exit path. It is a possibility, though. 

So, we have two episodes to go and everyone's life is a mess (as usual), except for Josh and Nora's—which, okay, still pretty messy, but a little love went a long way when it came to taming Josh's wolf. As for how far love will go when it comes time to face off with Kenny and watch Aidan struggle with which side to pledge his allegiance to—and how far it will go toward whatever Sally's goal in (after)life is—well, that's gonna have to wait. 


– LOL @ Aidan's Kool-Aid Man impersonation. 

– How do you think the show will manage to wrap up the Beatrice/Ramona story and all the other stories in a mere two weeks?

– Not to cheapen Josh's struggle with his werewolf nature, but you have to admit that Aidan had a point about how often Josh has blamed the wolf for his problems. 

– Do we want to talk about Aidan having wet dreams about Sally, or do we want to grab the brain bleach? I thought vampires were supposed to be all dignified and repressed about their passion. Or something. 

What'd you think of "Ramona the Pest"?

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AIRED ON 4/7/2014

Season 4 : Episode 13

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