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Let me begin by saying this is not intended to be a full review, but it felt so wrong to come to this board and see that there was no review for arguably the best episode of Being Human.

Everything about this episode was fantastic. I love time travel and the idea of alternate timelines so this really worked for me.

Sally firstly stops Danny from killing her by possessing herself on the night of her death. That scene was perfect because in the moment you weren't quite sure if her efforts would be futile and he would kill her anyway. But when she took him down and walked away I cheered out loud!

When her friend took her to the hospital she was concerned about changing the timeline, which is why she didn't want Nora to help her. What happened to that concern?

The next scene is 6 months later and she is basically squatting in the house so that Josh and Aiden can move in when they are ready.

I loved how she stopped Aiden from eating Rebecca and truthfully it was a welcomed saved that I initially condoned. But knowing the rules of time travel I should have known better and so should have Sally.

Now, let's talk about the best part of the episode...they finally gave us a taste of Aiden and Sally. I have never watched the source material for Being Human, but I do know that the pair become a couple and it was always a bit of disappointed for me that we never got that relationship on this side of the pond. Well the writers found a way, and I loved it.

Watching them fall in love was the best part of the series for me. I felt like I was being rewarded for sticking with them through everything--particularly the really rough parts of season 3.

When Aiden told Sally he loved her it was better than when he told Kat or even Seren from season 1. He genuinely meant it, and he was worried about her. This is why I knew that they would use Sally as the catalyst for Aiden's downfall.

Josh unfortunately got the short end of the stick with the alternate timeline as he lost Nora, but if Sally had not barged in on them right when they were about to get their doggy style on then Nora would have gotten pregnant like she was supposed to and they could've progressed as they should have.

While the wolves and vamps were fighting in the final scene I knew it was going to end in Sally's death or everyone's I'm just glad that they didn't go that route. Aiden's mourning at the end was perfect. He called her baby and grieved in the most natural way although everything about their relationship was unnatural.

What do you think?

Did you love it, like it or hate it?

When Sally comes back as a ghost do you think Aiden will try to hold on to their relationship?

This is gearing up toward a great series finale I can feel it.
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