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Syfy (ended 2014)

Being Human is by far the best original show currently airing on the Syfy network. One of the most original things about the concept of Being Human that separates it from the pack of other vampire/werewolf shows on television these days comes in the form of a single character: Sally the Ghost/Ghost Killer/Human/Zombie/Ghost/Ghostwitch/Timetraveler. Every season the plotlines for Aidan and Josh are fairly predictable, but extremely entertaining. Aidan will have a new love interest who he will struggle to integrate into his life and we will continue his long ultimately futile attempt to escape the political world of the vampires as well as continue to explore his complicated father-son relationships. Josh will spend most of the season hating being a werewolf and finding new painful ways that being a werewolf makes his life terrible. While I am convinced that this show would actually work with just the two of them, what the writers decide to do with Sally every season ultimately creates all sorts of havoc. I am also fully convinced that the writers sit down before every season and say to themselves “Well we kind of covered every basic ghost thing in Season 1 (figuring out her death, getting revenge, etc.) what the hell do we do with Sally now?”. I imagine that this sentence is followed by “Think of the craziest mf*** thing you can think of and we will go with that.”

Season 4 once again is off the races as Sally has now somehow completely taken over Donna’s powers from last season and also is now a time traveler?

Luckily this season Sally is not the pain in the ass, annoying version of Sally, but rather the comic relief/fun Sally when she is not being a little egotistical about her new power.

Anyway, to start of this week's episode we began with Susanna (Aidan's wife) ringing his doorbell)

Aidan and Susanna had a short trip down memory lane where we discovered that Susanna was now a vampire and also a bit of a fashionista

In a series of flashbacks throughout the episode we would learn that when Susanna was drowned by the townspeople she was rescued from the river by everyone's favorite actor Mr. Mark Pellegrino (in the form of Bishop) and turned into a vampire as a favor to his new favorite son Aidan.

Meanwhile, things still weren't going so well with Josh as he was still stuck in wolf form in the barn. Sally insisted to Nora that she was now powerful enough (sure, why not) to figure out a way to fix Josh. This led Sally back to Donna's old haunting grounds where we were treated to one of the most mesmerizingly haunting scenes combined with just the first of truly excellent music choices throughout the episode with Bad Dream Hotline by Foe.

Sally discovered Donna's old spellbook hidden beneath some dirt that to her surprise (and ours) that she could actually interact with. She could also interact with the book. This led her straight back to Aidan just as we were about to find out what Susanna had been doing with herself all those years. Fortunately we can forgive the show for doing that because this scene was so much fun with Sally throwing shade Susanna's way and Aidan making fun of Sally for being so excited about the book.

Out in the woods it was time for us all to put our fingers in our ears and just hum to ourselves as we tried really hard not to ask too many questions about Sally not only having powers but also now being super knowledgeable about witchcraft.

After some debate about the pros and cons of using magic with 100% being cons, Nora eventually gave her consent that Sally should go ahead and try the spell. This turned out to involve creating a magic knife that would have to be used to stab the wolf in the heart. Naturally everything went smoothly with this plan.....right until it started and when Aidan killed the wolf and Sally disappeared.

It was looking even bleaker than normal for our heroes for a bit, but as Josh is a major character on this show it wasn't super intense for us the viewers. Eventually Aidan was surprised by a hand being thrust out of the wolf's mouth.

Nora and Aidan pulled Josh out of the wolf's body and he was human once more. Unfortunately, according to Sally (who had traveled back in time and witnessed her boy toys move in day) the spell hadn't been completed when they pulled Josh out of the wolf.

Meanwhile, Aidan went to visit Susanna to finish their discussion about where she had been all those years. More importantly we really need to talk about the first of two really important things about Susanna because she answered the door wielding this thing.

My immediate reaction was this - Is she a vampire hunter? and going further - Was she responsible for the vampire virus? My first impression was just that she seemed to really hate vampires and maybe that was a cool way that this plotline could go. This seemed like an even more valid hypothesis two minutes later when this was revealed.

Susanna's backstory was super upsettingly dark. Back in the day it turned out that when she was fighting back the hunger she hallucinated Aidan - who in turn told her that she needed to feed and that it would be okay to do it just once. Susanna could not restrain herself and fed upon the first person she came upon .......their son. Susanna stayed away from Aidan for all those years because Bishop knew this secret and held it over her, but now that he was dead she could return without this secret being revealed (which will naturally come out this season, but let's pretend for the sake of it). The fact that being a vampire made her kill her son puts the possibility of her being a vampire hunter into an even brighter light. It would certainly make sense anyway. Of course I could be completely off, we shall see.

We finished off the episode with three disturbing developments. 1) Susanna has taken to self flagellation as punishment for killing her son (I assume). 2) Aidan told Kat that he loved her after spending all day with his wife. Also, let's remember that Aidan has already had to mindwipe Kat once, where exactly does he see this going? Their whole "normal" life is a lie, even in a best case scenario where she never gets involved with their issues, won't she notice in a few years when he doesn't age? That's a pretty big lie to hide in a relationship - dont you think?

And 3) Josh is not entirely Josh. He seemed very dead eyed throughout the episode and for a while I considered whether maybe it was the wolf's personality in Josh's body - not actually Josh, but I think I let my imagination go too far there. Anyway the episode ended with Josh having wolf eyes


Is Susanna a vampire hunter?

Will we ever find out who created the virus?

What did the spell do to Josh?

When will Kat find out about Aidan and will it be because of Susanna?

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