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Syfy (ended 2014)

I waited a few days to see if there was going to be an official review of the latest episode of Being Human, Too Far, Fast-Forward!

Guess not...

With the notice that the show only has a few episodes left, have we lost interest in it?

Either way, here is my review.

I am not a big fan of the long reviews. Maybe it is my short attention span. Not sure.

Sally was still in the past. We saw her die in the alley behind the blood den in the previous episode. Ray hit her in the back of the head, killing her.

Bishop, who is still alive, shows up and takes care of the mess. Aiden and Bishop catch up with Ray and Josh. Aiden snaps Ray like a twig and kills him. They leave Josh to suffer in his own depression and loneliness. Aiden tells Josh he will kill him the next time he sees him.

A year passes.

The vampire plague has begun, which has human blood with the flu-bug deadly to vampires. Bishop and his crew, including Aiden, are securing untainted blood via the hospital and selling it to the needy vampires.

Bishop beats on Aiden, accusing him of stealing.

Nora is still working at the hospital, (reluctantly) helping Aiden to get the blood. She is addicted to pain killers and is going through a divorce.

Josh is working somewhere outside of Boston at a pie shop. Sally continues to haunt Josh.

Sally sees that the plague is hitting the vampires. She gets Josh to come back to Boston and help Aiden. There is a little tension between Aiden and Josh, to say the least. We don't see it, but Aiden presumably drinks Josh's blood and it protects him the plague.

Aiden replenishes Bishops supply with tainted blood and kills Bishop. We see that Aiden will ascend to the throne of Boston and isn't the nice guy we know from the original time line.

Sally contacts Donna, and they are still connected, as we see Donna try to make Sally disappear by slicing her and Donna ends up getting cut in the same spot on her own arm.

Donna agrees to help Sally get back to her own time. There is some sentimental goodbyes between Sally and Aiden.

Donna warns Sally that she may go forward in time first before she returns to her own time.

Sally "jumps" ahead in time and she witnesses Josh and Aiden fighting in the living room. Aiden snaps Josh's neck, presumably killing him.

Sally reappears in the front of the house, and sees an ambulance with a body on the gurney. She thinks it is Josh. At that point, Aiden and Josh come up next to her and tell her that she has been gone since the night prior and they didn't know what to do so they called it in. The body on the gurney is Sally's brother.

So Sally is back home. Next week's show should pick up before Sally left.

I think the episode in its self was entertaining, along with last weeks episode. It was like seeing four seasons of a whole new show wrapped into approximately and hour and half. I am looking forward to the final episodes. I hope to see Aiden and Suzana together...forever. I hope to see Josh and Nora back together, move out of Boston and have a baby. I hope...and this is a BIG hope...that Sally finally gets her door.

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