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interview with a vampire
Apr 09, 2014
Being Human Postmortem Q&A: Sam Witwer on the Series Finale, Stage Blood, and "Being an Idiot" On the Set
I jumped on the phone with the man behind tortured babe-magnet vampire Aidan Waite for an in-depth chat about the series' final days.
movin' out (sally, josh, and aidan's song)
Apr 08, 2014
Being Human Series Finale Review: Burning Down the House
What did you think of how it all ended?
the end is near
Apr 01, 2014
Being Human "House Hunting" Review: Everybody Out of the Pool
"House Hunting," despite sagging a bit in the middle, brought it so hard, just the way the penultimate episode of a TV series ought to.
oh yeah!
Mar 25, 2014
Being Human "Ramona the Pest" Review: All You Need Is Love (and Ghost Possession)
This week, Sally found a secret room in the house and it caused all sorts of problems, so that was fun. But on a more serious note, how do you want Being Human to end?
the beginning of the end
Mar 18, 2014
Being Human "Oh Don't You Die for Me" Review: Back from the Future
"Oh Don't You Die for Me" was an enjoyable return to the actual timeline of Being Human that successfully laid the tracks for the series' last few episodes.
Mar 12, 2014
Being Human: The Not-Really-A-Review-Review of "Too Far, Fast-Forward!"

I waited a few days to see if there was going to be an official review of the latest episode of Being Human, Too Far, Fast-Forward!

Guess not...

With the notice that the show only has a few episodes left, have we lost interest in it?

Either way, here is my review.

I am not a big fan of the long reviews. Maybe it is my short attention span. Not sure.

Sally was still in the past. We saw her die in the alley behind the blood den in the previous episode. Ray hit her in the back of the head, killing her.

Bishop, who is still alive, shows up and takes care of the mess. Aiden and Bishop catch up with Ray and Josh. Aiden snaps Ray like a twig and kills him. They leave Josh to suffer in his own depression and loneliness. Aiden tells Josh he will ...Read more
Mar 05, 2014
Being Human: Run that Back Again... "Rewind, Rewind" Review (Kind Of)
Let me begin by saying this is not intended to be a full review, but it felt so wrong to come to this board and see that there was no review for arguably the best episode of Being Human.

Everything about this episode was fantastic. I love time travel and the idea of alternate timelines so this really worked for me.

Sally firstly stops Danny from killing her by possessing herself on the night of her death. That scene was perfect because in the moment you weren't quite sure if her efforts would be futile and he would kill her anyway. But when she took him down and walked away I cheered out loud!

When her friend took her to the hospital she was concerned about changing the timeline, which is why she didn't want Nora to help her. What happened to that concern?

The next scene is ...Read more
Mar 04, 2014
Being Human: How Should It End?
After hearing the news that Being Human will come to an end this season I started thinking about what I'd like to see happen. Hopefully the writers knew in advance of the shows coming end, and were able to write an ending that will give us closure, and leave us feeling good about the ride we've taken with these characters. This post is purely for discussion purposes, and everything below is My Opinion Only.

Spoilers will follow

It seems clear all Aiden really wants is a normal life, just like everyone, but Aiden believes he needs some sort of anchor to keep him human. First it was Josh, and the house, and it later evolved to include Sally, and Nora also. Does Aiden need an anchor though? Will he return to his serial killing ways without one? I don't believe so and here's why. When ...Read more
monsters evicted
Feb 25, 2014
Syfy Cancels Being Human After Four Seasons
There are six more episodes left of the monsters-as-roommates drama.
Jan 23, 2014
Being Human: "That Time of the Month" Review: Yikes That Was Dark
Just when we thought no one had a bleaker life than our heroes we met Susanna
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