Being Human

Season 2 Episode 10

Dream Reaper

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2012 on Syfy
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Sally is trapped in a coma, so Aidan visits Zoe the ghost whisperer. The guys find themselves in deep trouble however when the Reaper returns.

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Susanna Fournier

Susanna Fournier

Zoe Gonzales

Recurring Role

Pat Kiely

Pat Kiely

Nick Fenn

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Dichen Lachman

Dichen Lachman


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    • Josh: I'm just extra testy right now.
      Aidan: It's the full moon tonight.
      Josh: Yeah. That's not the only reason I'm pissed off!

    • Josh: I'm a werewolf and he's a vampire and that's how we can see ghosts.
      Aidan: It's like we're different countries on the same continent.
      Josh: And--and if I'm not far away from here in an hour or so, you will be in mortal danger.
      Zoe: Mortal danger. Right.
      Josh: Yeah, this isn't a joke.
      Zoe: So--so you're going to turn into a wolf and have me for dinner.
      Aidan: Okay, listen very carefully. He's telling the truth.
      Zoe: Oh, of course. Of course it's the truth. You got to be the cool vampire. Everybody wants to be the cool vampire.
      Aidan: You got it!
      Josh: We're not making this up! I'm not making this up!
      (Aidan shows his fangs)
      Zoe: (Gasps) Holy crap! You're monsters.
      Josh: Thank you.

    • Josh: (to Aidan) Really? You're just gonna leave Zoe there with Miss Dead by Dawn Swallow Your Soul? Go sit with her!

    • Aidan: If you ever get in my face again, I...
      Josh: What? You'll kill me, huh? You'll kill Zoe? You're gone, man. You started feeding live! You murdered those two girls, those two human beings under our roof! This sacred place! Does it stop, Aidan? When does it stop? I feel like I'm the only one trying anymore, like I'm dangling off the cliff by my fingertips and you're up there stomping on them!

    • Aidan: Vampires don't drink werewolves.
      Josh: Why?
      Aidan: I don't know! Because of the smell!
      Josh: Oh, come on!
      Aidan: I always took the smell as a warning. Either way, it's just something we don't do, we don't ever do, ever!
      Josh: Okay, you know what? If this is one of those vampire Jim Crow laws, you need to get over it. Okay? I have blood, you need blood, and Zoe's not an option.

    • Aidan: (about Josh's blood) Like, it just... It tastes different.
      Josh: Diff--different, how? Oh, you know what? I just ate a bunch of asparagus.
      (Aidan bites Josh's arm again)

    • Sally: I want you gone. I thought I made that clear.
      Reaper: It's not that simple.
      Sally: But this is all in my head.
      Reaper: And I can't leave. I'm a part of you. So now, we wait.
      Sally: For what?
      Reaper: For you to slip. And when you fall...the only one left to catch you will be me.

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