Being Human

Season 2 Episode 10

Dream Reaper

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2012 on Syfy
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Sally is trapped in a coma, so Aidan visits Zoe the ghost whisperer. The guys find themselves in deep trouble however when the Reaper returns.

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  • Back on track

    This season started off great then got bogged down with lame characters/stories. The past two episodes have been great. Amazing special effects. Ballers on a budget.
  • Dream Reaper

    Dream Reaper was a superb episode of Being Human and I really enjoyed watching this episode as Sally was lost in a dream state as Aiden, Josh and Zooey tried to help her. In the process Josh and Aiden are forced to tell the truth about themselves to Zooey. The way they redecorated the house in Sally's dream world was awesome and very beautiful. In the end Sally comes back but finds that she can't escape the pain she has already caused. This episode really delved into the human psyche and it was interesting to watch how the story progressed. The ending was kind of crazy and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Exciting and Emotional

    This was a very exciting episode. The writers did a great job to add the dilemma of Josh nearing full moon and Adian not only starving but withdrawn and self reflection to what was clear from the first glimpse last week would be an episode that took place solely in the house. And Sally's creeptastic mental battle with the Reaper continues to get more in depth and creative. This world she created for herself in her unconscious state where she is engaged to the Reaper who takes on a persona called Scott made me think of what she was with Danny the whole time I was watching. The man who was always convincing her that his idea of her life and their relationship was what was best for her and what she really wanted. Which also represents her life which was cut short which tortures her and how the Reapers convincing her to shred supposedly sinful ghosts was caused by a void left in her after she got her justice with Danny. It made me wonder if it would be remembering Danny and the monster he was that would snap her out of it, make her realize what the Reaper/Scott really is. I found that a brilliant metaphor for Poor Sally's issues.

    Hands down though my favorite thing about the episode was Adian finally getting the wake up call I have been waiting for him to get since he started live drinking again. Way to go Josh for figuratively slapping him in the face with what he's become this season. I sincerely hope that he's going to get his act together now and find another source of donation blood. I have really missed the sweet, sensitive sober Adian from season one. Great twist too when Josh offered Adian his blood and it gave him some freaky cool vampire seizure. I knew that would happen, that's a little tid bit they borrowed from the UK version, that werewolf blood is poison to vampires. Again though they keep their own originality with it because in the UK version it would have killed him pretty much on contact judging from the opening of the new season. Whereas here like I said it was more like some kind of seizure which was performed beautifully by Sam and the makeup was just brilliant. The recovery still seemed a bit odd though, I can't make sense of how it just happened like that. I have heard though that with a seizure it just needs to be ridden out. *shrug* Maybe had he gotten a bigger dose he would have died who knows unless they work with the concept again.

    And some of the reaper Sally's slaps in both guys' faces were brilliant as well.

    "you can scrub and scrub and it won't ever go away", and "it's time to ruin Julia's life now...again", really powerful.

    As I figured Sally is now going to have to continue to struggle with the reaper, to have to fight him like Adian always has to fight his thirst. I really hope that she will confide in Adian more and get all the help she can get now that she understands what the reaper really is and the horrible cost of letting her guard down even for a second to let him in. And hopefully this time Adian will listen and be there for her when she feels she needs to go to him again whereas when she went to him the first time when the reaper first appeared he kind of just wrote her off. Ok this is pretty much a Sally/Adian shipper talking here, but really he is best and probably only person in the world who could help her with this because he's spend almost 300 years fighting an inner monster. I wonder she'll be struggling with the reaper for the rest of the show or if somehow she will eventually get rid of him for good.

    The only issue I had in this episode is that I would have liked Adian or Josh or both to have snapped Sally out of the Reaper/Scott world rather than Zoe. I think it takes away from the depth of her coming out of it for Zoe to have helped her so reluctantly in the first place and then basically told to her *** off for shredding Nick. It irritated me that even after actually meeting the reaper both in Sally's mind and in possession of Sally's body, she still could not understand that Sally was not responsible for her actions. And her relationship with Nick was unhealthy and there seemingly couldn't have been much to it anyway. Unless Nick discovered the touching trick, they can't touch so they can't kiss or cuddle or have sex, and they can't marry and have children. If Nick did learn the touching trick, could she even feel him then? Because if he just feels like air, that's not much better than not being able to touch him. They can't even go on proper dates because he's not there to the rest of the world. So what kind of relationship was it really? I don't really give a rats *** about Zoe though so I don't much care if she never forgives Sally but really after the strong evidence that got shoved in her face, she was a pretty big *** about it. Sally/reaper may have even done her a favor, now she can learn to be with living men where she belongs. The mind melding thing was really interesting though, I liked that concept but again it lost it's depth with Zoe having doing it. Or this may also be the Sally/Adian shipper and corny romantic speaking. I mean it was unique which the show usually is and what is so great about it. Technically though you could say that Adian was the one who really pulled her out of it, when he screamed while having his vampire convulsion he send a rumble through her little dream world causing the Reaper to be distracted enough to yank Sally into the half way point between the dream world and reality. Where she then saw what was happening to her friends and reminded her who she was. So very nice domino effect from Josh's selfless sacrifice of his blood. I guess it was her friends who saved her. :)

    Overall a very exciting and creative episode as usual, although from the previous I had expected more action from Reaper Sally but oh well.

    Next week's episode looks super awesome and exciting, except for Adian wanting to run away with Suren. Guess that slap in the face from Josh didn't work. XP I want it to be next Monday now.moreless
Susanna Fournier

Susanna Fournier

Zoe Gonzales

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Pat Kiely

Nick Fenn

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Dichen Lachman


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    • Josh: I'm just extra testy right now.
      Aidan: It's the full moon tonight.
      Josh: Yeah. That's not the only reason I'm pissed off!

    • Josh: I'm a werewolf and he's a vampire and that's how we can see ghosts.
      Aidan: It's like we're different countries on the same continent.
      Josh: And--and if I'm not far away from here in an hour or so, you will be in mortal danger.
      Zoe: Mortal danger. Right.
      Josh: Yeah, this isn't a joke.
      Zoe: So--so you're going to turn into a wolf and have me for dinner.
      Aidan: Okay, listen very carefully. He's telling the truth.
      Zoe: Oh, of course. Of course it's the truth. You got to be the cool vampire. Everybody wants to be the cool vampire.
      Aidan: You got it!
      Josh: We're not making this up! I'm not making this up!
      (Aidan shows his fangs)
      Zoe: (Gasps) Holy crap! You're monsters.
      Josh: Thank you.

    • Josh: (to Aidan) Really? You're just gonna leave Zoe there with Miss Dead by Dawn Swallow Your Soul? Go sit with her!

    • Aidan: If you ever get in my face again, I...
      Josh: What? You'll kill me, huh? You'll kill Zoe? You're gone, man. You started feeding live! You murdered those two girls, those two human beings under our roof! This sacred place! Does it stop, Aidan? When does it stop? I feel like I'm the only one trying anymore, like I'm dangling off the cliff by my fingertips and you're up there stomping on them!

    • Aidan: Vampires don't drink werewolves.
      Josh: Why?
      Aidan: I don't know! Because of the smell!
      Josh: Oh, come on!
      Aidan: I always took the smell as a warning. Either way, it's just something we don't do, we don't ever do, ever!
      Josh: Okay, you know what? If this is one of those vampire Jim Crow laws, you need to get over it. Okay? I have blood, you need blood, and Zoe's not an option.

    • Aidan: (about Josh's blood) Like, it just... It tastes different.
      Josh: Diff--different, how? Oh, you know what? I just ate a bunch of asparagus.
      (Aidan bites Josh's arm again)

    • Sally: I want you gone. I thought I made that clear.
      Reaper: It's not that simple.
      Sally: But this is all in my head.
      Reaper: And I can't leave. I'm a part of you. So now, we wait.
      Sally: For what?
      Reaper: For you to slip. And when you fall...the only one left to catch you will be me.

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