Being Human

Syfy (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • In the series finale, Sally makes a huge sacrifice to keep her vision of Aidan killing Josh from coming true and that, in turn, changes Aidan's life forever as he fights to destroy the house's evil spirit. Meanwhile, Josh and Nora imagine their future roles as parents.

    • House Hunting
      Episode 12

      Moving day arrives for the roommates, who discover they aren't the only ones struggling with leaving the house.

    • Ramona the Pest
      Episode 11

      The most recent death in Aidan's life weighs on the vampire as he agrees to help Kenny get out of town; at the same time, Sally and Nora work with Josh to conquer his werewolf while dealing with a new pack and a dead little girl.

    • 3/17/14

      Josh's efforts to get back in Nora's good graces lead him deeper into the world of wolves; Aidan and Sally grow closer than just good friends, at the same time his relationship with Suzanna takes a new turn.

    • 3/10/14

      After Sally dies for the second time, Aidan and Josh go their separate ways. While Aidan goes back to Bishop, Sally tries to enlist Josh's help in changing things back.

    • Rewind, Rewind
      Episode 8

      After traveling back in time to the night she was killed, Sally possesses her past self and prevents her own murder. She then takes it upon herself to change events to make life better for Aidan and Josh. However, Sally learns that fixing the past is not so easy.

    • Gallows Humor
      Episode 7
      Sally goes to Donna for help; Aidan and Suzanna come face to face with the truth about their past; Josh and Nora seek help from an old friend.
    • 2/17/14

      Josh's life takes a surprising turn and he fears for the worst in his future with Nora; Aidan struggles to stave off his hunger while remembering what he once had with Suzanna; and Sally travels back in time after receiving news from someone from her past.

    • 2/10/14

      Kenny joins Aidan for a night of drinking away sorrows; Josh and Nora throw a baby shower for their new wolf friends, but things quickly get out of hand; and Sally uses her time-jumping abilities to learn more about her roomies.

    • Panic Womb
      Episode 4

      Aidan's vampire relationships continue as his human romance with Kat becomes more serious; a couple give Josh and Nora a glimpse into their possible future; and Sally asks an old friend for help solving the mystery of "Lil' Smokie."

    • Lil' Smokie
      Episode 3

      A new vampire boss with ties to Aidan makes life complicated; Josh encounters problems going back to his old life; and Sally's powers send her to a strange place in time where something horrifying appears to have happened to a mysterious little girl.

    • 1/20/14

      Someone from Aidan's past threatens to derail his relationship with Kat just as they are taking things to the next level; and Sally uses her newly acquired powers to try to free Josh from his wolf, but there are unintended consequences.

    • 1/13/14

      Season 4 begins with Nora and Aidan living together in the woods; at the same time, Josh is stuck inside his wolf; and Sally finds herself trapped with Donna in a mysterious place where she learns more about their magical connection.

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