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    [1]Apr 10, 2012
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    Jeremy Carver is leaving his role as co-showrunner next season to return to Supernatural, so his wife will be the sole showrunner for Season 3.

    I wonder how this will effect the show. I'm sure she can handle it. I'd like to see the show balance out the "A Plot, B-Plot, C-Plot" for each character because having all three share equal screen time ALL the time can get overwhelming especially with 13 episode seasons. I realize there are 3 main characters for a reason but sometimes it can be all over the place.

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    [2]Apr 10, 2012
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    With three main characters and a short season that is tough, but I know what you mean. What I wouldn't mind seeing a little more if is story arc overlap. As it stands, the lives of Aiden, Josh & Sally are completely separate and don't really have a single tie to one another. Though, if they're going to continue their "slight" connection to the UK version, I'm guessing we'll see a little more of that next season.
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    [3]Nov 22, 2012
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    when does season 3 start?

    and i think many are missing the point, these "peoples" lives DO over lap and thats what the friction is for them and its the catalyst for the show. it is "all over the place" because their lives are all over the place!

    and, i like the characters evenly. to go episodes without seeing one of them or having any real time in an episode would suck. these are 3 different characters but there lives and situation become one character. they ALL make the show and its how they interact, live and how there lives now intertwine [weather they want it or not] keeps them all at the center.

    carving them up into it him this week, her next week then the other guy wouldnt work well with this show.
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    [4]Nov 27, 2012
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    In the new season i would like to see more backround on vampires; like for instance maybe they could show Mothers life, her transformation,... I always enjoy when they dig deep and bring to us the back stories that led to character development.

    But not just backround on vamps - weres and ghosts too! A litlle ghost history would be nice and the door thing a little more explained. Ah, well, maybe the door is suppossed to be all wrapped up in mystery, right?

    And about weres - they didnt really explain how they came to be very well. Yes,I know - the twins story, but the explanation wasnt that good for me, i need more!!! Story about their ancestors would be great, dont u think so??

    Anyways, cant wait for the 14th of January!!!

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