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Being Human

Season 1 Episode 7

I see Your True Colors...and That's Why I Hate You

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2011 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Josh and Emily go to their parents house at the behest of Aidan after Emily gets hurt by Marcus. Aidan follows him and tries to help his parents understand their son but the past catches up to them both when Marcus comes to the house against Bishop's orders and fights it out with Aidan. Meanwhile, Sally tries to convince Bridget that Danny killed her. But Danny still manipulative as ever convinces Bridget it was just an accident.


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  • Moving Forward In A Path

    Another great episode explaining a little about all the characters and Aiden that use to be married and had son, tells Josh a story how one trying to be normal that is a monster can have devastating consequences. Sally tries hard to help her friend see that her ex fiance killed her. A lot is going on even Marcus meeting some vampires in some village. Probably to get revenge on Bishop and Aiden, I'm going to guess that these guys are older than Bishop go on a war with him with Marcus pulling the strings. I hope it doesn't happen that way I seen too much of the same scenario. Other than that I looked forward to the next episode.moreless
  • Finally forging its own identity

    I'll say this much: this episode gets my current vote for Title of the Year. These twisted song titles are hilarious, and fit the tone of the show far better than I thought they would. And it comes as the American version of "Being Human" appears to be hitting its stride. (Ironically, just as I feel the British version, at least as much as has been seen on BBC America, has hit the doldrums in its third series.)

    It all comes down to the show striking out on its own. The original British DNA is there, but the story is starting to take new directions, and that's exactly what it needed to do. As others have said, if it was a simple retread, why bother? And the fact is, the longer American season is letting the writers stray into territory the British version had to avoid.

    It makes perfect sense for Josh to suffer consequences for his attack on the vampire earlier in the season. The fact that Marcus was willing to take it so far was unexpected, however, and I still wonder if it was partially designed by Bishop to test Aiden's loyalty. Bishop's remarks to Marcus seemed to indicate otherwise, but he was awfully happy to have Aiden in that room when all was said and done.

    Josh's visit to home was just as awkward as one might have anticipated. This is definitely one original way for Josh to reveal the truth to his family. The problem, of course, is that they don't believe it, and sooner or later, I suspect that will come back to haunt everyone involved. Aiden tried to warn Josh, but I doubt it will stick. Perhaps Nora will not be the one (or only one) to be infected, after all!

    Aiden's arrival at dinner led to some of the funniest moments in the series yet, and demonstrated that Sam Witwer is good for more than Grade A brooding. He does his best to talk up Josh, and he's relatively good at it. And he should be, given how he's lying to his friends about his addiction and his relationship with Rebecca. Not that he shouldn't have defended Josh and his family against Marcus, but every act of nobility is going to make the eventual sense of betrayal that much worse.

    Despite my reservations, I've grown to enjoy Sally's subplot. For one thing, there's no simple resolution yet with Aiden and Josh rushing to put Danny in his place. Sally has been trying to deal with it on her own, and has had to come to terms with her limitations. I have no illusion that this subplot is completely over, but I found myself glorying in Sally's seeming triumph over Danny, and then sympathizing when he refuses to give in to his fear. I vaguely recall that part from the British version, but the lead-up to this confrontation (over a few episodes) felt more organic and earned.

    The ratings for this show haven't exactly been brilliant, but they haven't been terrible, either. It's doing roughly as well as "Haven" did in its first season, and that was renewed. Of course, "Haven" also had much less potent competition, so I would give "Being Human" far more credit. And with the creative advances that have been made in recent episodes, I think it's fair to say the show is making a solid case for survival.moreless
  • I see Your True Colors...and That's Why I Hate You

    I see Your True Colors...and That's Why I Hate You was a ver good episode of Being Human. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character and plot development, interesting twists of drama and intrigue as well as some action. There was a lot going on in this episode with all of the different characters. I thought it was interesting to see Josh's parents and where he came from as he struggles to make the right decision about his future. Aiden was also confronted with making decisions about his own fate. I look forward to watching the next episode of Being Human!!!!moreless
  • Please stop showing your "true colors." No more pointless low budget shots!!!

    Gah, I swear this show was awesome. Then all of a sudden it's like we went back to B-film school. It was all I could do to get through the show with such crappy, crappy, crappy shots. Why do you need to show a close up shot of someone dropping a cigarette into their coffee cup???? It has nothing to do with the story AT ALL, don't put it in. If you wanted that action, show it from the previous shot: angled from the side with both actors in it. aijfoijaesdlknlxc. Thank you for following with a decent episode, though.moreless
  • Another great episode - this show is really beginning to surprise me.

    I stated in a previous review that it is good when we see the roommates socializing outside of their roomy apartment. In this episode, at Aidan's insistence, Josh takes his sister Emily out of town -Emily insists they visit their parents in upstate New York. Josh learns his parents separated after he left them so abruptly. He is also surprised when his father asks how long he's considered himself a werewolf (seems Emily found and gave his personal journal to the parents). Just when he thinks things can't get any worse - Aidan shows up at their doorstep. A number of exciting and humorous things happen after that - Can't wait until next week.moreless
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Jennifer Morehouse


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John MacLaren

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    • Neil: So, how long has it been, Josh?
      Josh: Uuh... How long has what been?
      Neil: How long have you thought you were a werewolf?
      Josh: Did I just-... D-Did you s-say-... (hesitating) Did I just hear you say that you thought that I thought that I was a w- ...?"

    • Sally: It's that shred of humanity that makes us eventually crawl out from under the stairs and show ourselves to you. 'Cause even a monster can be afraid of the darkness.

    • Aidan: Does your mom cook with garlic?
      Josh: I, I don't know. Seriously, is that a, is that a thing?
      Aidan: No.
      Josh: I guess so. Does it kill you?
      Aidan: No, no it doesn't. It just.. just makes us, us.
      Josh: Okay, Okay, so stop being you? How? How do we do that?
      Aidan: Uh, Feverfew.
      Josh: Fev...what? Is that, uh, is that a band?
      Aidan: It's an herb, Josh.

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