Being Human

Season 1 Episode 6

It Takes Two to Make aThing Go Wrong

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2011 on Syfy
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Sally still feels strong resentment about her wrongful death and wants to make Danny's life miserable because of what he had done. Coincidentally, she then meets a poltergeist in a club who gives her some ideas. Marcus thinks Rebecca has a hold over Aidan and uses her to manipulate Aidan into coming back. Josh's sister Emily crashes at the apartment for a while, and Josh finally finds the courage to ask a lady out on a date.


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  • Pretty Good

    I enjoyed this episode very much, now I see it getting better and better as it progresses in the series. Josh is trying to have a relationship with the doctor, Aiden is to come to term with his feeling towards Rebecca and in the process trying to remain who he is. Josh sister getting hurt by another vampire Josh beat up previously will come to hunt him, it was a good episode can't wait to see more.moreless
  • This episode was actually pretty good.

    We are re-introduced to Josh's sister - in contrast to our last encounter, she's unhappy because her girlfriend has dumped her. Guess what - the roommates are going to get another houseguest - right after they got rid of Ray. But being sad/pissed makes her more interesting (that, or the booze she consumes in large quantities.) Meanwhile, Josh asks the nurse he's attracted to, out on a date. Because the date is at the house (he's invited her to dinner), the ghost, vampire, and Josh's sister have to make themselves scarce. It was actually fun seeing Sally, in particular, interacting with real human beings. In the bar they go to, she meets a "poltergeist", who gives her tips on how she can make her former fiancee miserable. And Aiden manages to resist the "charms" of Rebecca. The bad news in the episode is that Josh's sister is attacked while going to the back of the bar for a cigarette. There will be some revenge goin' on next week.moreless
  • It Takes Two to Make aThing Go Wrong

    It Takes Two to Make aThing Go Wrong was a perfect and vividly entertaining episode of the US version of Being Human. I really liked the narration, the cinematography, the story and the acting in this episode. There was an abundance of character and plot development. Rebecca really had some very interesting scenes, Aiden couldn't resist his dark passions, and Josh finally scores a date. I thought his sister coming to stay was an interesting sub story and it really added depth and intrigue to the scenarios at hand. There was some tragedy in this episode as well. I look forward to watching the next episode of Being Human!!!!!!!moreless
Kaniehtiio Horn

Kaniehtiio Horn


Guest Star

Nicholas Haze

Nicholas Haze


Guest Star

Kristen Hager

Kristen Hager

Nora Sergeant

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Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen

Rebecca Flynt

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Gianpaolo Venuta

Gianpaolo Venuta


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    • Nora: Oh, hello!
      Emily: Hi!
      Josh: (introducing them to each other) Nora, Emily... she's my leaving sister.

    • Aidan: (noticing Josh deep in thoughts) Are you ok?
      Josh: Yeah! No, I'm good, I'm... (pauses) Maybe. Do you think if you mention food to someone, and they say they like to eat, technically it's a date?
      Aidan: (resolutely) No.
      Josh: No?... (pauses) Sh- she- actually what she said was: (hesitating) "I guess I have to eat".
      Aidan: ... Who?
      Josh: Nora. (Aidan looks surprised) Yeah.
      Aidan: She's speaking to you?!?
      Josh: Yes, and possibly eating with me.
      Aidan: (pondering) "I guess I have to eat"...
      Josh: No, yeah, it's not- it's not dripping with enthusiasm but it's not... a no?
      Aidan: It's not a no.
      Josh: Not a no?
      Aidan: (nods) Mh-mh.

    • Sally: Is it picture day at school? What's up?
      Josh: Nothing... is up, ok? You just notice it more because you can't change clothes.

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    • Title: It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong

      The title is a reference to the popular, 1988, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock song It Takes Two.