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Being Human

Season 4 Episode 11

Ramona the Pest

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2014 on Syfy
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The most recent death in Aidan's life weighs on the vampire as he agrees to help Kenny get out of town; at the same time, Sally and Nora work with Josh to conquer his werewolf while dealing with a new pack and a dead little girl.

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  • The wolves come for Josh

    The wolves come for Josh, who kills them all, including Kennys girlfriend. Aiden hides her body upstairs and enlists Kenny to help him with the clean up, telling him it was the wolves that killed her. Later, her ghost visits Kenny and tells him the truth.
  • I'm Really Confused, Did the writers just make a HUGE mistake?

    I've watched every single episode of Being Human, both US and UK versions since the very first UK pilot episode. I'm a massive fan of the show and I love both of the versions equally.

    Any fan of the show knows that Vampires and Werewolves are able to see ghosts and this has been a major concept throughout the whole shows history. It's the very reason that, Sally is a main character.

    Over the years we've learnt that when someone dies, their ghost suddenly appears to the supernatural characters followed by a random personalized door that the new ghost can walk through to pass over to a new realm. Again, this door has been a major plot concept throughout the whole shows history, on both sides of the pond.

    So here is why I'm confused: (Spoiler Alert for this episode)

    Josh turned into his werewolf and slaughters most of his pack in this episode to protect Nora. Among the pack members he slaughtered was Kenny Fishers werewolf girlfriend Astrid along with 6 or 7 other pack members.

    Now, in the tradition of Being Human, each of the slaughtered pack members should have appeared as ghosts next to their dead bodies but for some reason this didn't happen. They were just slaughtered and dead with no ghosts and no doors. I understand it would be difficult to write this into the plot but this is what is supposed to happen in this fictional universe. If the writers forgot about their ghosts that is unacceptable. If the writers chose to ignore their ghosts to make it easier to write, that is cheating us and harming the fictional Being Human universe. They shouldn't be allowed to ignore a major aspect of the fictional reality whenever they what. It's sloppy writing and damaging to the viewers experience. Consistent continuity is an important aspect of writing about a fictional universe.

    Imagine for one second you was watching an episode of Superman and the writers conveniently ignored the fact that superman can fly just so they could show him falling from a building and hitting the floor. Conveniently missing out an important aspect of the fictional universe that Superman exists in. I think we all know it wouldn't work and it would really annoy loyal fans of Superman.

    I know ignoring Superman's ability to fly is a bit of an extreme example to use to explain my point but it's the same sort of thing that they've done to Being Human in this episode. They've literally ignored something that is equally as important to the Being Human universe, as flying is important to Superman's universe. They can't just ignore the fact that ghosts and doors appear after someones death whenever they choose because it kills the whole plot that they've taken years to establish.

    This has really spoiled the episode for me because I couldn't stop thinking, where are the ghosts of Astrid and the pack members. Surely, as Astrid had been killed, Kenny would definitely want to speak to her ghost and say goodbye. As I said, ignoring these important facts has really spoiled this episode me for. I just hope this sloppy, lazy writing is a one off. It's inexcusable really, especially when nowadays most shows are writing by a panel of writers. I could almost forgive an oversight by one individual writer but not a whole panel of expert writers.

    What's your thoughts on this?

    Did you notice this mistake while watching this episode?

    BTW - I know Astrid did appear to Kenny right at the end but that didn't make any sense to what is supposed to happen when someone dies. It also proves that the writers were fully aware that there should be a pack of ghosts after the slaughter. Do the writers expect us to believe that none of the murdered pack members chose to stay near their dead bodies for a while, and they all went through their doors straight away without any delay. I think not. They need to do better than this. Much better than this, hence my rating of 5/10 for this episode.moreless

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