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  • Wow!!!!

    I loved the UK being human, brought the Book as well. Watched the US version and omg! What a load of s**t. Glad that got cancelled
  • Yo Bring It Back Dudes!

    I love Being Human (US!) I think they should bring the show back. A vampire, ghost, and werewolf USA style! It's way better than the it wouldn't hurt to bring it back, just to see if the ratings go up, or drop tremendously. I give the show a B+
  • Being Human US vs UK

    If you want a lengthier watch time, number of seasons wise, the UK version is the one for you. However if its quality you are looking for US is the way to go. I am 100% satisfied with Being Human US. I have watched both and US is far better then UK. The actors are less awkward, picture is better, it's just all together better entertainment. It's only 4 seasons long but, its surely the better of the two options.
  • Finally someone who got it right!

    This show ended at the exact correct time. Great show that would have been boring if they would have made another season. Good ending as well.
  • Not even close to the Being Human UK version

    About freakin' time! They should have never remade BH in the first place!!!! Glad it's gone!
  • Help save this great show!

    I love this show, great actors, great story. Maybe we can all help save it, by signing a petition. It helped with other shows, like the Listener! So don't think you can't have an influence. Sign
  • One of the Best"Alternative" lifestyle shows I have ever watched!

    I looked forward to this show every week! I am not a teenager or an freak show but a mother of 4 who, while flipping through the channels one day, stopped out of curiosity & watched from that day few minutes each Monday night, while watching "Being Human" gave me the chance to excape the chaos of my life and watch something so crazy I know its pure "ENTERTAINMENT". IT WAS THE DEFINITION as literally as u can get for me. I realized tonight is the last and I am HEARTBROKEN!! Honestly... broken:'(
  • SyFy = Cancelled Show

    Every time I like a show in SyFy it gets cancelled.

    I've learned my lesson: never watch again a show from this lame channel

  • Another one bites the dust.

    So sad how so many shows these days flourish and one of my most favorite shows is canceled. Downfall of SciFi, or i should say 'Syfy' the lame name change that was basically the first stone thrown in its steep decline of quality.
  • Syfy's 'Being Human' Cancelled, To End After Season 4

    Well this sucks!!! Best show on SyFy and the new idiot in charge goes and cancels it.

    From Deadline: The upcoming six-episode second part of Being Human's fourth season will be the Syfy drama's swan song, with the April 7 closer serving as a series finale. "Showrunner Anna Fricke and the talented producers, writers, cast and crew have done an amazing job bringing this show to life over the past four seasons and we sincerely thank them and the series' production company Muse Entertainment for their hard work," the network said. "They've saved the best for last with the final six episodes that revisit the story's beginning, leading to a not-to-be-missed send-off for Aidan, Sally, Josh and This marks the first cancellation decision for new Syfy programming chief Bill McGoldrick, who replaced Mark Stern in November. Supernatural drama Being Human was an adaptation of the British series of the same name, which ended its five-season run last year.
  • This season is stacking up to be the best one so far

    Everything happening this season seems to be way more interesting than the last 3 season one and two were good three was horrible but this season has been great so far!
  • How Beautiful Is Josh's Eyes

    Hey Josh I really love the color of your eyes this season awesome! It's great to have you all back once again. I really love the comedy that the actors bring to the show especially Josh. You all at some point really crack me up and I don't mean that as to smoking crack! However, that was one of my favorites when Josh told Adian in a past episode to forget the keg of beer and bring back some crack! I see that it's going to be another great season hey all I'll be watching!
  • Terrible

    I tried watching it. Its horrible. Bad acting, emo galore. Plus when does a wereolf and vampire "get along"? Throughout movie and tv history, we have seen that werewolves and vampire despise one another and try to kill another. This show is all emo and whiny teens.
  • we' re waiting

    returns on jan 2014
  • Great show!!

    does anyone know when it is coming back??
  • Just getting better and better!

    Being Human(US) has actually been better than the UK version and it justs keeps getting better and better. Even though I still have issue with Josh and his constant passive-aggressive behavior and Nora is sort of a B#$*!, the show has been outstanding. Maybe, NBC should bring it over and pair it with Grimm. That way they would have a solid Friday block. Anyway, I hope Being Human receives more humane treatment from SyFy than Alphas received.
  • Don't Mistake This For a Family Drama.

    At first, I thought this show was going to be an ABC Family/7th Heaven type of show. Happy to say, I was totally wrong. I was never a werewolf/vampire fan. It's childish, I thought. But, this show has changed my entire stance on werewolf/vampire shows. This show has some of the best writing I've ever seen. I mean, the story- episode after episode- attacks you relentlessly with in-your-face drama. Many things you see from the first few episodes will connect in the later episodes. In terms of pure writings, I'd put this show up there with the likes of Breaking Bad- that's a high praise. The 3 main characters have such a tangible relationship that you can't help but enjoy, dialogue after dialogue. One thing to keep in mind- this show is definitely NOT for children.
  • I'm WOWED!!!!

    Fantastic show!!!!!!!!! Every episode runs through so quickly. They should be 2 hours long. These writers are phenominal!!!!!!!
  • The American version of the UK hit tv series "Being Human". The show features a vampire, werewolf and ghost living together and trying to make the most out of their non-human existence by trying to be as "human" as they can.

    I found the British version entertaining, but after a while I grew bored because there was just too much angst for my taste. I had reached my limit on the amount of whining I could tolerate and I lost interest in the UK version. Now that America is taking a stab at the series, I'm hoping they don't do it EXACTLY the way the UK did. So far, they've added more humor, action and suspense and I think Aidan's character is a bit more defined considering his interaction with the vampires. The female ghost, however seems to be as annoying as her british counterpart. So far, though, I'm still interested to see where America takes this series and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they don't go down the exact same road as the UK version. I think that's why the American version of Queer as Folk was better than the UK version. The writers toned down the whining/angst and breathed new life into those old characters. The writers of this show need to take a page out of their book in order to insure success.
  • Realistically Brilliant

    Finally an American TV show about vampires and werewolves that shows these things in a realistic light, minus the supposed romance that goes along with being a monster. I really appreciate how much emphasis the writer's put on how lonely and cursed it would be to live a life like that. I think the actors did a fantastic job of conveying those heartbreaking emotions and struggles.

    The only reason I'm not rating this 10/10 is because I felt that sometimes the show dragged on too much in regards to Aidan's struggles with Mother and vampire politics. In that regard, I enjoyed season one more than season two. Still, both seasons are wonderful and kept me wanting more right until the end. Thank God season 3 will be here in a couple of months.

    On a final note, I've yet to see the UK version, and I see that a lot of people are opposed to this American remake, but I still say give this version a try before you dismiss it entirely. For those of us who are tired of the worn out Twilight-type genre that has infiltrated TV and theatres, it's a refreshing show to indulge in.
  • US Version - Very Entertaining with Engaging Characters

    I will be honest and say that I preferred the UK version until that show changed actors in its season 4. Now the US show wins hands-down.
  • Creative and Gripping

    Overall I think the show in general regardless of which version we're discussing is the most unique and creative series I have ever seen. I like that for once Vampires and werewolves are shown able to get along and even be friends, and their ability to converse with the dead is also a new twist from what I have seen anyway. All the storyline comparison is starting to get on my nerves actually, why is it such a big deal? I believe that even in the first season the US is doing a terrific job of taking it in their own direction. The presented the first season story lines in significantly different ways and even left some of it untouched, like the ghost character wanting to be the perfect wife and doing all this stuff like cooking and setting out his clothes at his place. In the second season and probably on they completely left the British storyline and when in their own direction.

    I find in what I have seen so far in both versions that you can feel more drama in the US version, that the US characters seem to go through a lot more which tests the boundary line between who they are and who they want to be. The supernatural atmosphere is also stronger, Aidan is lot more frozen in his birth era than Mitchell and the ghost more separated from the earth. The fact that Annie can touch and be so easily seen as though alive makes no sense to me. The werewolf design in the US is also a brilliant combination of wolf like facial features and a human body figure, as opposed to the British Halloween costumes. I enjoy the British characters and adaption though just the same despite that the US characters capture me more, Aidan in particular. Sam Witwer is probably the first actor to ever make me feel so strongly for a character. Aidan's reaction to Bernie's death for example just melts me.

    I look at each version as an individual personally as I do with any adaption. Comparing just sets one up for disappointment. I have got to say though if they kill off Adian like they just killed off Mitchell in the British version at the end of season three I am going to be pissed and may lose my will to watch.

  • Terrible

    Terrible acting, removal of anything intelligent to make it more "emo", lacking in comedy. This is one of the most terrible things I have ever seen!
  • US version my new favorite show

    My favorite show this year after stumbling over it and having a weekend marathon watchning the first season's episodes a couple weekends ago. After the seeing the entire first season, I tried the less edgy, original UK version, but totally disliked it and the actors in it, alas.
  • Just the Beginning

    I see a lot of different rating on the board mostly because comparing it to the UK. I only watched this one I'm glad they made a US version and I'll even be glad they make different country versions after that. The show is very different and unique so everyone can understand this beautiful well made show is changing it a little so other countries can get the message. Vampire, Werewolf and Ghost living in the same roof is very unique and different. I enjoy the characters they are funny and great to watch how they stick up for each other. The 3 of them bond like they been friends for decades, their all trying to be normal and live normal lives. But, things seems harder or getting harder to that goal and more obstacles comes their way. But, at each obstacle they know they got each other back, and a lot of character development that I really enjoy watching and understanding how these characters work. There is still a lot of room for improvement, I probably won't look at the other version until after the series ends. Out of experience I don't like clouding my judgement between 2 version of the same shows, out of fairness I'll watch how this show progresses and after it ends I'll look at the following version. Than give a concise review between the 2 shows.
  • being human uk

    Being human uk is the worst vampire series i have ever watched in my life. its so f**king ***ed i feel like i am gonna puke. i prefer the us version way better and i am not american. The us version has way better special effects while the uk version has none. How can u claim ur ghost or a vampire but u don't actually move fast like one. u just walk around like human beings ( come on don't you guys watch trueblood or vampire diaries).

    for instance, just look at the bishop kill in the final of season one; it was sooooo epic!!!!!!!. it gave me the feel of true blood (which is epic).
  • Why we like UK's version better. US version doesn't suck though.

    I am one of the "U.K fans". I did try to watch the American version, very apprehensivly I admit. But to my surprise I actually liked the acting of the two men, and would have continued to watch if Sally's acting had not annoyed me beyond the ability to watch a second more. The actress seems to suck the energy out of the screen! So sullen faced and dull. The show does not suck that bad though. The story is interesting enough to watch if you can't watch UK's version.

    For people who say, "UK fans go to the UK to watch!"--how ridiculous! As there are many types of shows, sports, books, entertainment in the world, that are available to us, we will each develop likes and dislikes. It has nothing to do with liking or disliking the country you live in.

    The UK version's characters seem "closer" to each other, there is a "I've got your back" element that is not shown in the US version. The UK stories are a lot more character driven, then just characters going thru the motions of the current story (US version).

    And one more thing, @AlexisAcevedo, Dr. Who is watched all over the world. Dumb SYFY channel fans (which are not always scifi fans) would'nt know of good scifi bopped them on the head anymore. SYFY Channel runs, wrestling and horror movies alongside their scifi shows. Shows that may have been written in other languages first or not, but had the format/character ticks copied after the sucess of the UK Being Human.

  • Being Human US

    I love the show! I watch the UK version and yesterday watched all 13 episode of the US version of Being Human Season 1. I love it! Our (UK and US) are different and our terminology is a wee bit different. I so appreciate not having to filter through the thick accents to understand what is going on. Good going Scy Fi Channel! Now do something and get with Stephen King and create a series using THE STAND as a premise! Chop chop before our world comes to some sordid end!
  • I have seen many shows.

    I have seen many, many shows, probably over 1,600 TV shows in my life and I have seen most of the "UK" versions of it. (Like queer as folk) How come the shows in America always last more than the UK versions? Simple, the American versions are actual American style lives, the UK versions are mostly not even made in the UK places, most are made in other countries. And second, not an actual "ORIGINAL" from UK either, the writer of the first book was actually American, if you guys love UK stuff so much, then go live in UK. Like Queer as Folk, in UK it lasted 2 seasons, and in America it made it to the very end on Season 5. Dr. Who started as a UK series as well, and guess what, never made it even through the first 2 episodes, so crappy that they didn't even made it on dvd. HAHAHA! What more do you want? Give TV shows a change to grow, and don't judge from only 1!!!! episode. I will admit, it is not a "GREAT" show, but it is worth watching, and it is not like Twilight, and btw, who gives a crap if you don't like Twilight, so respect the choice. Obviously most of you are the ones that are stuck up in 1 thing. and are very simple minded, and just want 1 thing, these actors are really good, like Sam Witwer if you all do recall correctly was in Smallville as Doomsday and he was AWESOME! Great roll made there. I LOVE IT! So there you have it, I LOVE the American version better, why...because the UK always uses stuff that has nothing to do with real life drama ( Def of drama = A situation or succession of events in real life having the dramatic progression or emotional effect characteristic of a play) meaning that they use REAL life situations, to make it drama, I have seen the UK version, and it is not a hit, since it only got as far as season 4, that is a non classic, for all of you that said it was a classic. A classic becomes so when it at least get to be on air for a good amount of years, and it is a success all the way through, more than 4 seasons, Heroes was good, and lasted 4 seasons, and it wasn't a classic, so no wording on that one, learn the terms first. LOL. If you love UK so much, then go be a UK stuck up. Good luck.
  • watchable, but lacks the real character relationshps that the uk one has and the change in some of the storylines really makes you hate it a little if you have seen uk one.

    I personally think that this show lacks the emotional and family like feel of the chaacters relationships, in the uk one they just seem closer and more connected. And i dont like that they change some of the storylines to make them less effective such as the dvd, the uk one is so much more dramatic and intresting because you cant see the vampire, it made the storyline so much more compelling an the finally where aiden kills the big bad vampire....what? it had such a better and dramatic feel when in the uk one george was locked in the room and tore him apart, because it also set the stage for the future storyline and was just more intresting. There are many otherthings i could say but the basic uist is that the us have kinda ruined that show, and the uk one is a million times beter.
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