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  • The American version of the UK hit tv series "Being Human". The show features a vampire, werewolf and ghost living together and trying to make the most out of their non-human existence by trying to be as "human" as they can.

    I found the British version entertaining, but after a while I grew bored because there was just too much angst for my taste. I had reached my limit on the amount of whining I could tolerate and I lost interest in the UK version. Now that America is taking a stab at the series, I'm hoping they don't do it EXACTLY the way the UK did. So far, they've added more humor, action and suspense and I think Aidan's character is a bit more defined considering his interaction with the vampires. The female ghost, however seems to be as annoying as her british counterpart. So far, though, I'm still interested to see where America takes this series and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they don't go down the exact same road as the UK version. I think that's why the American version of Queer as Folk was better than the UK version. The writers toned down the whining/angst and breathed new life into those old characters. The writers of this show need to take a page out of their book in order to insure success.
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