Being Human - Season 3

Syfy (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • Ruh-Roh
    Episode 13

    Liam shares a terrible truth with Josh and Nora. More of Aidan's past is revealed as he deals with Kenny's transformation and Kat discovers a terrible secret.

  • 4/1/13

    While Aidan waits for Kenny to wake up from his transformation, Josh and Nora prepare for their wedding. Meanwhile, Sally continues to deteriorate and fears that she will lose her soul to Donna.

  • 3/25/13

    Sally's only hope of of reversing the curse is to try and find Donna and kill her, which becomes difficult when she disappears. Kenny continues to pressure Aidan about turning him.

  • 3/18/13

    Aidan's memory is flooded with thoughts of his long lost wife and son whilst on a date with Kat, and Stevie begs Josh and Sally to end his life.

  • 3/11/13

    Josh has an important question to ask Nora. Sally's condition worsens and Aidan tells Kat that it isn't a good idea for them to see each other.

  • Sally is decomposing and turns to her boyfriend for help, Aidan is kidnapped, and Josh and Nora take their relationship to the next level.

  • 2/25/13

    Erin is badly hurt by Aidan after she tries to kill him and is sent to the hospital. Nora blames Aidan and is angered by Josh's loyalty to him. A vampire named Blake has agreed to turn Kenny much to Aidan's chagrin.

  • 2/18/13

    Sally panics when her brother turns up. Aidan tries to make out that Kenny didn't see him in his vampire state and things seem to be looking up for Josh and Erin until the worst possible thing for the group happens.

  • Liam returns to inform Josh and Nora of his intentions to kill Aidan, one of the last vampires alive. To do that, he asks for Nora's help, who has been building up mistrust for Aidan, but receives Josh's threats and warnings. Aidan himself finally catches a break from his clean blood hunt in Kenny, a boy locked up in the hospital who has never been sick, however his growing hallucination and hunger threaten to expose his true origin. In the mean time, Sally's new job at the funeral home gives her more than she bargained for when she is forced to deal with the ghosts of the deceased ones, including the mother of the home's director and Sally's new love flame, Max.

  • 2/4/13

    As Aidan mourns the loss of a loved one, he begins to endanger his life by drinking possibly infected blood, forcing Sally to help him in a seemingly dangerous way. However, the former ghost still has problems of her own to solve, such as consealing her identity and living a normal life. Meanwhile, Josh considers proposing to Nora, but a revealed secret at a dinner with her family and a conflict with Erin and Nora's brother postpones Josh's intentions indefinitely.

  • 1/28/13

    Sally tries to fix the mess she created by helping Trent get his door, but she discovers disturbing secrets about him and his life. Nora informs Josh of her encounter with Liam, however they soon leave that behind only to argue over whether to help a girl scratched by a werewolf or not. Meanwhile, as Aidan finally understands the difficulty of finding pure blood when he turns to Josh for help, Henry's impatience gets him into trouble, and Aidan can only stand helplessly aside and watch his only vampire child slowly die.

  • 1/21/13

    Things quickly change at the house as Aidan finally returns safe and sound, yet still hungry for clean blood. Sally and the boys enjoy their newly restored lives, and Josh begins to enjoy his werewolf-less life. Bad events soon catch up however when Nora is approached by a vengeful werewolf father, an unexpected reunion goes awry, and an ignored warning results in a tragedy that may mark the rest of Sally's new life.

  • 1/14/13

    Eighteen months after the events in the season 2 finale, much has changed but much is still the same. Aidan, still buried underground and weakened from continuous hunger, starts having hallucinations of his friends and foes. As he gets rescued by an unknown man with unclear intentions, he soon meets a familiar face and learns the truth about the reality of today. Meanwhile, Josh and Nora have moved on after their battle with Ray, finding their lost friends however turns out to be harder than expected. Sally, on the other hand, continues to attempt escaping limbo, but the only way out is a risky move with unknown consequences.