Being Human

Season 1 Episode 3

Some Thing to Watch Over Me

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Moving On

    Good episode Aiden dealing with the past of a guy claiming that he murdered his dad when he was 10 years old. Josh doing the neighborhood watch caught a guy and almost killed him trying to figure out some closure of who he is. And Sally helping her other ghost friend and finds out you can touch a human finds out won't be so easy with her fiance. A great watch and can't wait for more, this show is starting to get me hooked.
  • Sally tries to overcome her ghostly limitations from a ghostly 80s poser. Josh joins neighborhood watch then imitates the Boston strangler for fans and Aidan reflects to his days in the village people... or was it just a cowboy phase. Terrible.

    This was probably the worst episode so far. I am not sure if I can watch much more.
    The storyline was patchy and disjoint.
    Aidan with his flash backs to his days as the cowboy in the village people. How are we supposed to take him seriously as a brooding vampire when he looks like he should be a poster boy for the next rainbow parade. At least if he gender indifferent it might be bit more controversial and give people a reason to love or hate him.
    Josh flips from wooden acting to disbelief obviously thinking .. 'why did I turn down the role as the corpse in House'. Sally, what can we say about Sally, sure, she's pretty, but she isn't likable, and really doesn't generate any sympathy. Although, having a ghost stalker is pretty scary. All in all, I am not sure I will tune in next week.
  • Still finding its own voice

    The interesting thing about this show so far has been the updated take on some of the original's early plot and character elements. In this episode, we see Sally given some form of Advanced Afterlife Training, which I vaguely recall from the British original. In both cases, I think it got the point across well enough, though I still haven't warmed up to Sally any more than I have Annie. (Note: Most of us on this side of the pond have only seen through the second series of the British version, so I cannot speak for events beyond that.)

    I really like where they are going with Aiden, forcing him to deal with his dark side early and often. Bishop continues to be a highlight for the series, and he works very well in this context. I like how he played with Aiden in this episode, forcing Aiden to deal with the problem himself in the hopes of pulling Aiden further away from his humanity. At least, that's what I took away from it. It only could have been better if Rebecca had been around to add the sexy/crazy factor.

    Josh is already starting to have issues, as seen during the incident with the neighborhood watch. That's not going to help the gang ingratiate themselves to the rest of the community. (Though, hopefully, they'll skip the whole pedophile angle botched in the British version.) More importantly, Josh is struggling with that high-handed morality that he bashed Aiden upside the head with in the previous episode, at least in terms of protecting the rest of the world by locking himself up in his cell. He knows all too well that people are in those woods, and how easily he could victimize others.

    As noted, while Sally's training with Tony was an important plot point, and aligned somewhat with the original, I still didn't connect much with the character. I think it's good that they have her trying to connect with Danny this quickly, as it gives her something to do, but I fear that the writers find her just as disinteresting as I do. It will all come down to how they handle the revelation of her death. If it's an outright retread of the British story, I'll really be annoyed. They've made enough changes with Aiden and Josh, though, to give me hope.
  • I liked this episode - it may be because it was much better than Episode 2 - but I don't think so.

    It is more likely because we weren't just watching the roommates mope around feeling sorry for themselves. I mean, whether he liked it or not, Josh actually went out and met some people. Because he was roped into becoming a member of the Neighborhood Watch, he even met a friend. Sure he got a little carried away with the burglar; but hey, sometimes dogs can be vicious. I really enjoyed the bonding of the ghosts. I was sad when the guy from the 80's had to "go towards the light." Maybe they'll find some way to bring him back, like they used to do in Charmed. Sally needs to keep finding other friends/ghosts to interact with; they bring out her better qualities. She is still the most annoying of the trio, and her continued whining about her fiancee is getting old. Unlike some others, I think Aiden is the most interesting of the three - maybe because the scenes he is in contain the most action. I guess, for now, I'll keep tuning in.
  • Some Thing to Watch Over Me

    Some Thing to Watch Over Me was a superb episode of Being Human. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. Sally meets another ghost named Tony who teaches her how to go anywhere. I thought their scenes were funny. Josh gets pulled into a neighborhood watch with Aiden who gets more than he bargained for as a police officer recognizes him. There was a lot of intrigue, drama, action, and surprise. It was funny when Sally and Tony showed up while Josh was entertaining fellow neighborhood watchers. The end of this episode was excellent. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!