Being Human

Season 1 Episode 4

Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on Syfy
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After one of his full moon transformations, Josh is caught waking up in the woods by a stranger, someone who turns out to be a fellow werewolf. Sally accidentally witnesses Bridget, her best friend, and Danny's blossoming new romance, which cultivated from shared grief over her death. Aidan gets into a co-dependent relationship with Rebecca, who turned up asking for his help to reject the vampire lifestyle.


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  • Temptation

    Both Aiden and Josh has temptation for hunger since Josh has had tons of years like Aiden, well you get the picture where this is headed. I'm still looking for the big spark that gets this show moving forward, so far Sally letting things go and the biggest character development I see so far is Sally shes change and improvement so much in 4 episodes its scary but great.
  • I'm pretty sure I'm going to stop watching this show-this will probably be my last review. I'm just not a fan of the genre; although I still think I could have become interested if the writing/acting were better.moreless

    That said, this was a pretty uninteresting episode. The werewolf friend was not as charming as the 80's ghost. The one "cute" scene was the one where Ray did a step by step procedural for Josh - I particularly liked the idea of the rump roast. The ghost again became boring - are they going to have her depressed all season because she's dead and can't get married? And why does Aidan switch back and forth between being the civilized vampire, and the one with "blood lust." I was just reminded of the (British?) series, Forever Knight, where the vampire kept his refrigerator well stocked with blood and he didn't even work in a hospital where the blood is plentiful. Anyway - maybe I'll wait a few weeks and tune in again - but I doubt it.moreless
  • Bored.

    While I agree that it isnt fair to judge a remake after only 4 episodes, upon re-watching the first four eps of the British Being Human, I was alot more interested in what was going to happen next. Which is the main problem with this adaptation. They could've gone so many different ways with the American version that they have yet to do, instead relying on story lines that have already been done and boring me with the way they are handling the show. I just don't care what happens to them. Sally's storyline has lingured too long on her past relationships, and much too slowly in the way of picking up things and affecting her surroundings. Aiden and his vampire b---- have gone way too True Blood for my liking; the bloody bathroom scene? Already done. If this show has any chance its got to mix things up and bring in its own voice, something I don't see happening anytime soon.moreless
  • Still in neutral, waiting to break out

    The American version of the story continues to trend along similar plot paths as the British original, just with a bit more fleshing out (no pun intended). Even though this makes much of the episode rather predictable, I still can't shake my appreciation of this version of the story. This is odd, perhaps, because I still feel like it's the same elements in each version that keep me interested.

    I don't think Mitchell in the British version was quite so enmeshed with the vampire community this early in the story, but I don't mind it at all. Aiden's little experiment in bloodlust with Rebecca (meant in every sense of the word) makes for some ridiculously fun eye candy. But more importantly, it reveals a great deal about the vampires in "Being Human" and the temptations they face. It both makes Aiden more heroic for his former resistance and these events more disturbing for their implications.

    It's partially designed to serve as a trigger point for Josh's relationship with Ray, but I'm not so sure that it's isolated to that aspect of the story. I don't remember a similar plot element in the British version (it's been a while), but wouldn't it make sense for Bishop to send Rebecca to Aiden in the hopes that she would undermine his loyalties to humanity?

    Speaking of Josh and Ray, this seems much closer to the British original in terms of content, only played out over a longer period of time. This could be a good thing, since I never had the sense that the werewolves in the British version had nearly the depth of exploration as compared to the vampires. Sure, there was the George/Nina situation, but with Aiden's character thread exploring what it means to be a vampire, there's a nice balance with Josh discovering what it means to be "the wolf". Both of them are being sorely tempted by their inhuman sides.

    All of which seems to explain why Sally's character thread is all about her embrace of her human side. After spending much of the episode getting her wrath in gear against Danny and her best friend, she ultimately decides to give them her blessing. This all seems very familiar as well, and if the writers take the same direction as the British version with the revelation of Sally's death, it will be even more disappointing. Never mind that Sally still hasn't grown on me at all.

    Just from what I've heard and read from the producers and such, I get the general impression that the first season is designed to more or less cover the same ground as the first series of the British version, and then they plan to strike off into more original territory in subsequent seasons. While that does ground both versions in the same relatively strong roots, it could get tedious if the writers fail to toss in twists and turns. Right now, the show is being carried by the cast's ability to make it all work, but the end result is average as a result.moreless
  • Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)

    Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human) was a really good episode of Being Human. I enjoyed watching this episode because there was some great character development for Josh who meets another werewolf named Ray, Aiden who tries to help Rebecca, and Sally who witnesses her best friend and Danny growing closer. I thought the story lines were interesting as was Ray. It was crazy to see Josh unleash the beast a little, and also to see Aiden and Rebecca's twisted relationship. Sally had some touching scenes and it was nice to see her make some realizations. I look forward to watching the next episode of Being Human!!!!moreless
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    • Josh: Quick, what's the world's most rapidly evaporating resource? Oil? Water? Fresh air? Not even close. When's the last time you were truly alone? When you didn't think to yourself "somebody's watching me." A man can wander for an eternity these days before finding a place he can be himself, let go, howl at the moon. How did we let this happen to us? Why do we insist on looking when our every impulse tells us "look away"? Maybe it's because we all have something to hide. That thing we buried down deep. Beat back into the darkness with everything we have. We're secretly hoping to see that the monster inside each of us is inside us all. There it is. Look hard enough, you'll see it. You will be seen.

    • Aidan: Josh met another werewolf...
      Sally: Aww!
      Aidan: ... who's stalking him.
      Sally: Eww.

    • Josh: Just when I start to think that there's hope, like real hope for me to be just like everybody else, I wake up and I'm in hell!
      Sally: (interrupting) I'm in hell! I died and now I'm actually in Hell!
      Aidan: (to Sally) What happened to you?
      Josh: Aidan and I were just talking about how I am in hell but, whatever, let's... talk about you.

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    • Title: Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)

      This is an allusion to the song Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Beach Boys. It is the first song on the 1966 album Pet Sounds.