Being Human

Season 1 Episode 12

You're The One I Haunt

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2011 on Syfy
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After his break from the Family, Aidan is afraid that Bishop will try to hurt him and his friends. At the hospital, he encounters a former lover, who has come to the hospital to die. Josh runs into Nora, and is afraid about possible complications in her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Sally finally finds a way to hurt Danny.


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  • Shocker

    Josh and Nora find got get the baby check out, Josh was stressing the entire episode. Aiden talks with a woman back in the 70's we fell in love with, and now dying of cancer. Danny finally snaps and tried to take one final crack at Sally, Danny finally went crazy and police intervene. Sally door came than an unexpected situation happen that will follow up to the conclusion in season 1 hopefully. Been really good this season but I hope they change it up because you kind expect bad things all the time can get boring, the ending wasn't surprising because I expected it, most of the episodes are bad news or tragic cliffhangers. I'm going expect a lot for season 2, they never got the chance to be normal, at least I want to see them get it than have it crumble or something. That will show a more in-dept of being human.moreless
  • We're entering the home stretch - those who stuck with this UK remake may have been surprised at each episode's improvement. And by those - I mean me.

    We only have one episode left before the show goes on hiatus. I'm beginning to hate that word, hiatus - it's a shame that the better shows give us the equivalent of half a season of a program - leaving us yearning for more. There is simply not enough good programming to keep us interested while we wait for a show to come back. Television will ultimately suffer, as viewership continues to dwindle.

    But about the episode - I'm rooting for Josh and Nora - I hope the baby is at least outwardly "normal" - even if it acts really strange during each full moon. And what's going to happen to Sally, now that she doesn't have to haunt her ex-fiancee. We saw her about to "open the door" and drift into never-never land, when suddenly Aidan gets stabbed. So we have a mini-cliffhanger, soon to become a major cliffhanger after next week's episode.moreless
  • You're The One I Haunt

    You're The One I Haunt was a truly superb episode of Being Human and I really enjoyed watching this episode because Sally had a little fun with Danny who in turn was done playing around, Aiden sees a woman from his past and Josh continues to support Nora through her pregnancy. It was cool to see flash backs of Aiden and Bishop with the mysterious Celine. I thought Sally's story line was very entertaining. Josh continues to be the comedic relief. The ending of this episode was a shocking surprise and I look forward to watching the next episode of Being Human!!!!!!!moreless
  • Good, but slightly dissapointing

    I definitely think too much time was spent focused Aiden's past relationship with Celine. I get that the writers are trying to develop a background for Aiden and Bishop but it honestly didn't alter my perception of them at all. We already know Bishop has been trying to get Aiden to come back to him for years, we already know that Bishop is manipulative and tries to undermine Aiden all the time, so I did not understand the point of introducing a character who I personally didn't really connect to.

    Other than that the episode was actually quite good. It was humorous at times and it really set the stage well for the next episode. At first I was confused as to why Bishop was burning although it makes sense that that's what would happen if he crossed the threshold without permission. I actually was expecting Sally to open the door and find something worse than what she expected.

    For some reason this show always seems to spend too much time on the storyline I don't like (in this case Aiden and Celine), and not enough on the parts I want to see. I think the storylines involving Sally have really picked up which is always good to see. I'm really interested in how she's going to be involved in later episodes if she even is (I haven't seen her in any of the previews - I can't imagine she'd move on at this point).moreless
Nathalie Breuer

Nathalie Breuer


Guest Star

Laurence Leboeuf

Laurence Leboeuf

Celine (25 Years Old)

Guest Star

Nancy-Ann Michaud

Nancy-Ann Michaud


Guest Star

Gianpaolo Venuta

Gianpaolo Venuta


Recurring Role

Kristen Hager

Kristen Hager

Nora Sergeant

Recurring Role

Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino

James Bishop

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: During the Aidan/Bishop conversation in 1975 Bishop says "This is America". Then later when Celine is captured by Bishop and she makes for the door, he says "I hope you're not going to the station, or say... Canada?"

      They are in Montreal.

    • Goof: When Josh says to Aidan "If we video tape Sally and show it to someone, they'll be dead in three days" he's referencing the American adaption of The Ring but incorrectly. In the film those who watched the cursed videotape died in SEVEN days.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Sally: (to Danny) You didn't just get saved. What you're gonna get, you're gonna pray and cry and wish you were dead.

    • Sally: (narrating) Right before a big storm, I used to go with my dad to the harbor. To look at the clouds, feel the air. There's an eerie stillness before the sky cracks open. A hush. You can feel the storm gathering, smell the flood on its way.

    • Josh: She looks like The Grudge.
      Aidan: I know she looks a little rough.
      Josh: Rough? If we videotape Sally right now and showed somebody, they'd be dead in 3 days.
      Aidan: She was almost exorcised. She's weak.
      Josh: She looks like she's gonna eat our entrails, Aidan.

    • Sally: (narrating) When you know you're gonna die a violent death, when that's the only way you can die, it's all about the waiting for that final storm if the waiting doesn't kill you first.

  • NOTES (2)


    • You're the One That I Haunt

      The title is an allusion to the title of a song from the movie Grease (1978), You're the One That I Want.