Being Human (UK)

Season 4 Episode 4

A Spectre Calls

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2012 on BBC

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  • Before Season 4, this was my favorite show. When stellar goes BAD

    Honestly, its like the writers are kicking a dead racehorse across a convoluted finish line coupled with a swift kick to the groin. The only signs of an existent plot is sadly buried beneath 6-feet of inevitability. As a dedicated fan, I will have to medicate myself beforehand for the remainder of the season and refrain from violently smashing my television.
  • Why do i bother?

    This episode made me wonder seriously why i bother watching this. Am i the only one that felt like the whole plot was too...silly is an understatement! What's happening to your writers being human UK? Maybe the series should have just ended when they wrote off half of the main characters...just a thought.I'm thinking of sticking till the end to find out the mystery about the baby Eve and the woman, and how the heck did Al get the burn on his arm? However, one more episode like this one and we would just have to part ways...i'm sorry there is only so much i can take.
  • Jumped the shark

    Not to mention Jules became a ghost when he died, too.

    And I just have to comment...'charismatic'? Seriously? I found him about as charismatic as a plate of cold spinach.
  • and the decline continues...

    Kirby: "Nina couldn't come herself, because werewolves can't be ghosts. That'd just be silly."

    Annie: "oh...right"

    Annie saw George die as a werewolf, become a ghost...and enter his door. She also saw Tom's dad become a ghost. This should've been her first clue that this guy was lying and nothing but trouble.

    I'm sticking around to see what happens in the season finale and if the blonde from the future is actually Baby Eve. I'm assuming that when she read the final piece of the prophecy she thinks she has to go back in time and kill herself before someone bad gets something from her that leads to vampires overtaking the world. But the writers need to not treat the audience as if they don't remember what happened previously in the series.